Which Is Bigger Super King Or Double King?


Explore the differences between Super King and Double King mattresses in the UK, including size comparisons, benefits, and expert tips for choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom.

1. Overview of mattress sizes in the UK

As an expert in the mattress manufacturing industry, I understand that choosing the right mattress size is crucial to ensuring a good night's sleep and optimising your bedroom space.

Categorising and standardising mattress sizes

There is a wide range of mattress sizes available on the UK market, from the small Single Mattresses 3'0 to the spacious Super King Size (6'0). Understanding the specific parameters of each size is a crucial step in the buying process. For example, Single Mattresses are usually suitable for single adults or children, while larger sizes such as King Size (5'0) or Super King are more suitable for couples or individuals looking for extra space. Understanding how to measure a mattress is also vital to ensure that the mattress you buy is a perfect match for your bed frame.

Trends in the UK mattress market

As lifestyles change, consumers have higher expectations of mattress size and comfort. In recent years, larger mattresses such as the Super King Mattress have become increasingly popular due to the extra space and comfort they offer.

Mattress size in relation to room layout

Choosing the right mattress size also involves considering the size and layout of the bedroom. For smaller rooms, a smaller mattress (such as the Small Single Mattresses 2'6) may be more appropriate, while for larger bedrooms, consider a King Size or Super King mattress.

Next, we'll dive into the specific sizes and features of Super King and Double King mattresses to help you better understand the differences between these two popular options. Read on for a more comprehensive look at the benefits and scenarios for these mattresses.


2. Super King vs Double King Size Comparison

Exploring the differences between Super King and Double King mattresses is not only about comparing sizes, but also about understanding how to choose the best mattress for your individual needs and space conditions.

Super King Mattress Size Specifications

The Super King mattress, which typically measures 6ft wide (approximately 183cm), offers generous sleeping space for consumers looking to enjoy extra comfort and space. It is particularly suited to large bedrooms, where it can provide ample personal space for couples, as well as families, where parents and children enjoy occasional bonding time together.

Double King mattress size specifications

Compared to the Super King, the Double King mattress (which typically measures 5ft wide, approximately 152cm) is slightly smaller but still offers plenty of space for double use. It is a more economical, space-flexible option for smaller sized bedrooms or consumers on a budget.

A direct comparison of the two sizes

The Super King mattress exceeds the Double King mattress in width by around 30cm, which means more room for comfort, but also requires a larger bedroom space to accommodate. When choosing, it is vital to consider the size of your bedroom and your individual comfort needs.

Now, let's turn to our guide to choosing a super king size mattress to help you understand what to consider when looking for a larger mattress than the Super King. Read on to get a better understanding of how to choose the best mattress size for your bedroom.

3. Guide to choosing a super king size mattress

When looking for a super king size mattress, it's crucial to understand the options on the market and how to make a choice based on your needs.

Mattress Options Larger Than Super King

While Super King mattresses are already very spacious, there are some larger sized mattresses on the market, such as Custom Size or Emperor Size mattresses. These mattresses often require customisation and offer more options for consumers looking for the ultimate in comfort and space.

How to Choose the Right Oversized Mattress

When choosing an oversized mattress, it's important to consider the size of your bedroom, your personal sleeping habits, and your budget. Measure the bedroom space to ensure that the mattress can be accessed smoothly and placed appropriately in the room. Also, consider whether the support and comfort of the mattress meets your needs.

Tips for matching an oversized mattress to your home

Having an oversized mattress means that you need to design your bedroom layout smartly. Choose the right bedding for the size of your mattress and arrange other furniture wisely to keep your bedroom comfortable and functional.

Below we explore the Super King mattress in action to find out if it's the equivalent of two single beds, as well as its benefits and who it's for. Read on for an in-depth look at how a Super King mattress could be ideal for your bedroom.

4. Super King mattresses in action

When considering the purchase of a Super King mattress, it's vital to understand its practical application and suitability to ensure it meets your individual needs and space conditions.

Is a Super King equivalent to two single beds?

Super King mattresses typically measure 6ft wide, which is roughly equivalent to two small single beds (each 3ft wide) placed side by side. However, the Super King mattress provides a seamless single sleeping surface, as opposed to two single beds that may have an uncomfortable gap in the middle.

Super King Mattress Advantages and Who It's For

The main advantage of the Super King mattress is the expansive space it provides, which makes for a more comfortable sleeping experience, making it particularly suitable for couples who need more personal space or individuals who prefer a spacious sleeping environment. In addition, the Super King mattress is also an ideal choice for people with sleep disorders or those who like to read or watch TV in bed.

User Reviews and Case Studies

According to user reviews, Super King mattresses are highly regarded for their superior comfort and quality sleep experience. Through our case studies, we have found that in the right bedroom space, a Super King mattress can significantly improve the quality of sleep and quality of life.

Next, we'll delve deeper into how a double bed compares to a Super King mattress, specifically the differences between the Double and Super King mattresses. Read on to make the best choice between the two.


5. Double vs Super King Mattresses

When considering the purchase of a new mattress, it's vital to understand the differences between Double and Super King sized mattresses in order to choose the most suitable option for your individual needs and bedroom space.

Basic differences between Double and Super King mattresses

Double mattresses (typically 4'6" wide) are suitable for single adults or couples, and are especially suited to bedrooms with less space. In contrast, Super King mattresses (typically 6'0" wide) offer a more generous sleeping area for consumers looking for maximum comfort and space.

Buying Considerations: Size, Comfort and Price

When choosing a mattress, it's important to consider size, comfort, and price.Super King mattresses, while offering more space, can also be more expensive and require more bedroom space. Conversely, Double mattresses may be more economical in terms of price and space usage.

Mattress Options for Different Bedroom Sizes

When choosing a mattress, it's crucial to consider the size of your bedroom.Super King mattresses are suitable for spacious master bedrooms, while Double mattresses are better suited for medium-sized or smaller bedrooms.

Through this article, we hope you'll gain a better understanding of the options and differences in mattress sizes in the UK and how to make an informed choice based on your individual needs and bedroom conditions. Whether you're looking for a comfortable Super King mattress or a space-adapting Double mattress, it's important to find the mattress that will provide you with the best possible sleep experience.


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Q1: What is the size of a Super King mattress in the UK?
A1: In the UK, a Super King mattress typically measures 6 feet in width, which is approximately 183 centimetres. It's an ideal choice for those seeking ample sleeping space.

Q2: Is a Double King mattress bigger than a Super King mattress?
A2: No, a Double King mattress is not bigger than a Super King. The Super King is wider, offering more space and comfort.

Q3: What are some larger mattress options available beyond the Super King size?
A3: Beyond the Super King size, you can find Custom Size or Emperor Size mattresses, which are even larger and often require customisation to suit individual preferences.

Q4: How do I choose the right size mattress for my bedroom?
A4: To choose the right size mattress, measure your bedroom space and consider your personal sleep habits and comfort preferences. Ensure the mattress fits well in your room without cluttering the space.

Q5: Can two single beds be effectively combined to create a Super King size?
A5: While two single beds can approximate the width of a Super King, they won't offer the seamless sleeping surface that a Super King mattress provides, often resulting in an uncomfortable gap.

Q6: What are the main benefits of a Super King mattress?
A6: The main benefits of a Super King mattress are its generous space, providing ample room for individuals or couples, and enhanced comfort for a superior sleep experience.

Q7: What differentiates a Double mattress from a Super King mattress?
A7: The primary difference between a Double and a Super King mattress is the size. The Super King is significantly wider, offering more space, whereas the Double is more compact and economical.

Q8: Are there any special considerations when buying an oversized mattress?
A8: When buying an oversized mattress like a Super King, consider the size of your bedroom, the mattress's cost, and how it will complement your sleep habits. Ensure that it doesn't overwhelm your room's layout.

Q9: Which mattress size is best for a small bedroom?
A9: For a small bedroom, a Single or Small Double mattress would be more appropriate. They provide comfort while fitting well in limited spaces.

Q10: How does one ensure the longevity and maintenance of a Super King mattress?
A10: To ensure the longevity of a Super King mattress, regularly rotate it, use a mattress protector, and follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Proper maintenance will prolong its life and ensure ongoing comfort.

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