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Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

£159.99 – £269.99
EDGE SUPPORT:Suilong mattress has good edge-to-edge support and the medium tension provides really good support, which will suit pretty much anyone. No matter if you lay on the side, back...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cm)EU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)
Suilong 26cm Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress - Comfort and Support for a Restful Night's Sleep

Suilong 26cm Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress - Comfort and Support for a Restful Night's Sleep

£179.99 – £449.99
Experience ultimate comfort and support with our luxurious hybrid pocket spring mattress. 26cm mattress features 3 Zone Springs, advanced foams, and hundreds of pocket springs for targeted support. It is...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)EU (80 x 200cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)EU (90 x 200cm)EU (100 x 200cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cm)EU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)EU (200 x 200cm)
SuiLong 30cm Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress | 7- Zone Individually Wrapped Spring

SuiLong 30cm Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress | 7- Zone Individually Wrapped Spring

£219.99 – £549.99
Egg Shape Massage Foam:The egg-crate shape is known for its massaging feel and the significant improvements to blood flow. Egg shape massage foam toppers provide good weight distribution. The peaks...
Single (90x190x30cm)Small Double (120x190x30cm)Double (135x190x30cm)EU (140 x 200cm)King (150x200x30cm)EU (160 x 200cm)Super KingEU (200 x 200cm)
Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

£179.99 – £399.99
Ultimate Comfort Mattress: Luxurious antimicrobial fabric, upgraded from the Utopia Series. 4 premium memory foam layers with motion-isolating steel coils for pressure relief and full-body support. Cool Ortho Mattress: Exceptional...
Single 90 x 190cmEU Single 90 x 200cmEU 100 x 200cmSmall Double 120 x 190cmEU Small Double 120 x 200cmDouble 135 x 190cmEU Double 140 x 200cmKing 150 x 200cmEU King 160 x 200cmSuper King 180 x 200cm
Suilong DeepGray 25cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong DeepGray 25cm Hybrid Mattress

£169.99 – £439.99
Using the highest-quality materials, it's made with the health and confidence of its sleepers in mind. Deep, the body-contouring feel of memory foam, Great pressure-point relief for all sleep positions,...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)EU (80 x 200cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)EU (90 x 200cm)EU (100 x 200cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cmEU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)EU (200 x 200cm)
Suilong Reverie 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong Reverie 20cm Hybrid Mattress

£129.99 – £339.99
Comfort & Support: Perfectly balanced with individual pocket springs for spine alignment. Ideal support and comfort, offering a hybrid feel from day one. Memory Foam Hybrid: Contours body for pressure...
Small Single 75 x 190cmSmall Single 80x200EU (100 x 200cm)Small Double 120 x 190cmEU Small Double 120 x 200cmDouble 135 x 190cmDouble XL 140x200x20CM150x200x20CMEU King 160 x 200cmSuper King 180x200

Discover European Mattress Sizes: Compare UK and EU beds, explore 160x200 to 180x200 sizes, and find the ideal European-style mattress for you.

1. Discover European mattresses - the perfect blend of size and style

The world of European mattresses is a model of diversity and innovation. As a specialist in the mattress manufacturing industry, I believe that understanding the sizes and styles of European mattresses is crucial to choosing the perfect sleep solution. Not only do European mattresses differ from UK and US mattresses in terms of size, but they also display uniqueness in design and style.

1.1 European vs UK beds: understanding the differences

There are significant differences between UK and European mattress sizes. For example, a standard UK double mattress is usually 4'6" (135x190cm), whereas a European double mattress may be 140x200cm, offering more space and comfort. Understanding these differences helps consumers make more informed buying decisions and ensures they choose the mattress that best suits their needs.

1.2 The unique style and design philosophy of European mattresses

The design philosophy of European mattresses emphasises the combination of comfort and aesthetics. These mattresses focus not only on the quality of sleep but also on the overall bedroom design. Many European mattresses are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure optimal support and comfort while presenting a modern and stylish appearance.

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2. European Single Mattresses - Ideal for Space Savers

For singles or those with limited space, European single mattresses are an excellent choice. These mattresses are smartly designed and sized to provide the perfect sleeping solution for any small bedroom or flat.

2.1 European Single Mattress Sizes Explained

European single mattresses typically measure 90x200cm, which is slightly longer than a traditional UK single mattress. This extra length provides comfort for people who are taller or need more room to stretch out. Choosing the correct size mattress is vital to getting a good night's sleep, especially if space is at a premium.

2.2 Why choose a European single mattress? Benefits and application scenarios

The main advantage of choosing a European single mattress is its space-saving design. They are ideally suited to student dormitories, bachelor pads or as a temporary sleeping solution in guest rooms. In addition, these mattresses are often made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship, providing the support and comfort necessary to ensure a good night's sleep.

Now, let's move on to a more spacious option - the European twin mattress. These mattresses are not only suitable for couples but also offer an ideal option for singles who prefer a spacious sleeping space. Read on to find out how to pick a perfect European double mattress for your bedroom.

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3. European Double Mattress - Shared Comfort and Spaciousness

Offering more space than a single mattress, European double mattresses are ideal for couples or those who prefer a spacious sleeping area. These mattresses combine comfort and practicality, making them a superior choice for many lifestyles.

3.1 European Double Mattress Sizes and Fits

The standard size of a European double mattress is usually 140x200cm, which provides more width and length than a standard UK double mattress. This extra space makes the mattress more suitable for sharing, whilst also providing more room for individuals to stretch out and turn over.

3.2 Comparative analysis: European double mattress vs US Queen size

While the dimensions of the European Twin Mattress are similar to the US Queen size mattress, there are slight differences. The European twin mattress is slightly narrower for consumers who want to save space but still enjoy a spacious sleeping experience. Understanding these nuances is especially important for international buyers.

Next, we'll explore an excellent option for medium-sized bedrooms - the queen size European mattress (160x200). These mattresses not only provide extra space for comfort but also add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Read on to discover how a queen-size European mattress can fulfil your need for a spacious night's sleep.

4. Queen European Mattress (160x200) - Spacious Comfort

When it comes to combining space and comfort, the queen-size Euro mattress (160x200 cm) is undoubtedly the ideal choice for the bedroom. These mattresses are medium-sized and perfect for those looking for a more spacious sleeping experience than a standard double bed.

4.1 Reasons and recommendations for choosing a 160x200 mattress

The main reason for choosing a 160x200 mattress is for more space and comfort. A mattress of this size is suitable for a wide range of sleeping styles, either alone or shared with a partner. When making your choice, it is important to consider the material and firmness of the mattress to ensure it meets your personal preferences and sleeping needs.

4.2 160x200 mattress features and buying guide

160x200 mattresses typically offer better support and comfort. They are suitable for all body types and sleeping habits, making them a versatile and adaptable choice. It's also important to consider the breathability and durability of the mattress when making your purchase, especially for consumers looking to use their mattress for a long period.

Our next stop is the King Size Euro Mattress (180x200), which is for consumers looking for the ultimate luxury and spacious sleeping experience. Read on to find out how to choose a king size mattress for your bedroom and enjoy comfort and space like never before. 

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5. King Size Euro Mattress (180x200) - The First Choice for Luxury Sleeping

The King Size Euro Mattress (180x200cm) is ideal for those looking for maximum space and luxurious comfort. This mattress offers ample space and takes the sleeping experience to a whole new level.

5.1 180x200 mattress benefits and design features

The main advantage of the king size mattress (180x200) is its generous sleeping space. This size of mattress is suitable for a variety of sleeping positions and is particularly suitable for those who like to move around during sleep or need extra space. In addition, these mattresses are often designed with more attention to detail and luxury, making them the focal point of any bedroom.

5.2 How to choose the right 180x200 mattress?

When choosing a king size mattress, you should consider how well it matches the size of the room. Ensure that the mattress fits into your bedroom space while leaving enough room to move around. It's also equally important to consider the material, firmness and support characteristics of the mattress, which directly affect the quality and comfort of your sleep.

Next, we'll turn to exploring the world of European-style mattresses, which are not unique in terms of size, but also in terms of their design and comfort. Read on to learn how European style mattresses can bring innovation and change to your sleep.

6. European Style Mattresses - Sleep Solutions That Combine Innovation and Tradition

European style mattresses are more than just a sleeping product, they are the perfect combination of innovation and tradition. These mattresses stand out in the marketplace for their unique design and superior comfort.

6.1 Overview of European Mattress Styles

European style mattresses are often known for their simple yet elegant designs. They are often made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to provide superior support and comfort. In addition, European mattresses are designed with attention to detail, such as the stitching of edges and the choice of fabrics, reflecting their high quality and aesthetic values.

6.2 Design Features and Selection Advice for European Style Mattresses

When choosing a European style mattress, the focus should be on its breathability, durability and how it will fit in with your sleeping habits. These mattresses usually have good temperature regulation and are suitable for a variety of climates. It's also important to consider how the overall look of the mattress will fit into your bedroom design.

Next, we will delve into the world of European twin mattress beds. This bed type is favoured by European consumers for its unique construction and comfort. Read on to find out how twin mattress bunks can bring a unique experience to your sleep.

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7. European Twin Mattress Beds - A Unique Bunk to Enjoy

The European Twin Mattress Bunk is a unique sleeping solution that offers personalised comfort and support through two separate mattresses. This bed design is becoming increasingly popular in European homes, especially for couples with different sleep needs.

7.1 Explaining the concept and benefits of the Twin Mattress Bed in Europe

A twin mattress bed consists of two separate mattresses, which means that each person can choose a different mattress firmness and material according to their preference. This design is particularly suitable for couples who have individual needs for sleep comfort, such as one preferring a firm mattress and the other a soft one.

7.2 How to choose and match a twin mattress bed?

When choosing a twin mattress bed spread, the first consideration is the individual comfort and support of both mattresses. Also, the overall size of the mattress should fit into your bedroom space. Another important factor is the choice of bed frame, ensuring that it can accommodate two separate mattresses and present a visually harmonious appearance.

Below, we will focus on the most common mattress sizes in Europe. Understanding these sizes is essential to choosing the best mattress for you and your family. Read on to discover how to find that perfect match for your needs among the many sizes available.

8. Common Mattress Sizes in Europe - Tailored for Every Need

Understanding the common mattress sizes in Europe is essential to choosing the best mattress for your individual needs and space constraints. From single mattresses to king size mattresses, each size has its specific benefits and scenarios.

8.1 What are the most popular mattress sizes in Europe?

In Europe, the most common mattress sizes include single (90x200cm), double (140x200cm), queen (160x200cm) and king (180x200cm). Each size is designed for different sleeping needs and space constraints, from providing a comfortable sleeping space for single individuals to a spacious shared sleeping experience for couples.

8.2 How to choose the right European mattress size for your needs?

When choosing the right mattress size, consider your individual needs and bedroom space first. For example, a single individual or guest room may be better suited to a single mattress or small double mattress, while a master bedroom may be suitable for a queen or king-size mattress. It's also wise to consider future needs, such as family expansion or moving house.

Next, we'll explore how European mattresses compare to American mattress sizes. This is especially important for consumers who need to adapt to different mattress standards when buying or relocating internationally. Read on to learn about the key differences in mattress sizes between these two regions and how to choose between them.

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9. Comparing Mattress Sizes in Europe and the US - A Cross-Cultural Guide to Selection

Here's the further detailed mattress size comparison table, now including both inch and cm dimensions for UK, European, and American sizes:


UK Size (cm)

UK Size (in)

Europe Size (cm)

Europe Size (in)

USA Size (in)

USA Size (cm)

Super King Size

180 x 200

71 x 79

180 x 200

71 x 79

72 x 78

183 x 198

King Size

150 x 200

59 x 79

160 x 200

63 x 79

76 x 80

193 x 203


135 x 190

53 x 75

140 x 200

55 x 79

54 x 75

137 x 191

Small Double

120 x 190

47 x 75

120 x 200

47 x 79

48 x 75

122 x 191


90 x 190

35 x 75

90 x 200

35 x 79

39 x 75

99 x 191

Small Single

75 x 190

30 x 75

80 x 200

31 x 79

30 x 75

76 x 191


In today's globalised world, understanding the differences between European and American mattress sizes is crucial for consumers making an international purchase or relocation. This knowledge not only helps in choosing the right mattress but also in ensuring that the bedding matches and the overall bedroom layout is harmonious.

9.1 Size Differences Between European and U.S. Mattresses

While European and American mattresses are similar in some dimensions, there are still some key differences between them. For example, a standard double mattress in Europe is usually 140x200cm, whereas a double mattress in the US is usually 135x190cm. This difference may seem insignificant, but it can be a key factor when purchasing bedding or adapting a particular bed frame.

9.2 How to choose the right mattress across cultures?

When choosing a mattress across cultures, the key is to understand and gauge how different mattress sizes will fit your specific needs and space constraints. If you are moving from one country to another, it's also important to consider bed frame fit and bedding availability. It's also important to understand the comfort and support characteristics of different mattress sizes to ensure that your quality of sleep is not compromised.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide to mattress sizes in Europe. We hope this information helps you better understand the different mattress sizes and find the perfect solution for your sleep space. Whatever your needs, there is a mattress that will meet your expectations. Explore our mattress collection to find the mattress that will give you the best sleep experience.



Q1: What size are European beds typically?
A: European beds come in various sizes, including single (90 x 200 cm), double (140 x 200 cm), and king (160 x 200 cm). The sizes offer a blend of comfort and space efficiency.

Q2: Are UK and EU bed sizes the same?
A: Not exactly. While there are similarities, UK and EU bed sizes differ slightly. For example, a UK King size is 150 x 200 cm, whereas a European King size is 160 x 200 cm.

Q3: What does a 160x200 bed refer to?
A: A 160x200 bed refers to a European King size bed, measuring 160 cm in width and 200 cm in length, ideal for couples or individuals seeking extra space.

Q4: What are the dimensions of a European single mattress?
A: A European single mattress typically measures 90 x 200 cm, offering a longer length compared to standard UK single mattresses.

Q5: What characterises a European style mattress?
A: European style mattresses often focus on combining luxury with practicality, featuring high-quality materials and offering a balance of support and comfort.

Q6: Is a European double bed equivalent to a queen size bed?
A: Not exactly. A European double bed, measuring 140 x 200 cm, is slightly narrower than the American Queen size, which is typically 152 x 203 cm.

Q7: What size is a bed measuring 180 x 200 cm?
A: A bed measuring 180 x 200 cm is considered a European Super King size, offering ample space and comfort for couples.

Q8: How big is a European double bed?
A: A European double bed usually measures 140 x 200 cm, providing adequate space for two people without occupying too much room space.

Q9: Why do European beds often have two mattresses?
A: Some European beds have two mattresses, known as twin beds or dual beds, to cater to individual comfort preferences, especially in a shared bed scenario.

Q10: What is the most common bed size in Europe?
A: The most common bed size in Europe tends to be the double size, measuring 140 x 200 cm, balancing comfort and space efficiency for couples and individuals alike.