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SuiLong 30cm Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress | 7- Zone Individually Wrapped Spring

SuiLong 30cm Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress | 7- Zone Individually Wrapped Spring

£219.99 – £549.99
Egg Shape Massage Foam:The egg-crate shape is known for its massaging feel and the significant improvements to blood flow. Egg shape massage foam toppers provide good weight distribution. The peaks...
Single (90x190x30cm)Small Double (120x190x30cm)Double (135x190x30cm)EU (140 x 200cm)King (150x200x30cm)EU (160 x 200cm)Super KingEU (200 x 200cm)
Suilong DeepGray 25cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong DeepGray 25cm Hybrid Mattress

£169.99 – £439.99
Using the highest-quality materials, it's made with the health and confidence of its sleepers in mind. Deep, the body-contouring feel of memory foam, Great pressure-point relief for all sleep positions,...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)EU (80 x 200cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)EU (90 x 200cm)EU (100 x 200cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cmEU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)EU (200 x 200cm)
Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

£179.99 – £399.99
Ultimate Comfort Mattress: Luxurious antimicrobial fabric, upgraded from the Utopia Series. 4 premium memory foam layers with motion-isolating steel coils for pressure relief and full-body support. Cool Ortho Mattress: Exceptional...
Single 90 x 190cmEU Single 90 x 200cmEU 100 x 200cmSmall Double 120 x 190cmEU Small Double 120 x 200cmDouble 135 x 190cmEU Double 140 x 200cmKing 150 x 200cmEU King 160 x 200cmSuper King 180 x 200cm
Suilong 26cm Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress - Comfort and Support for a Restful Night's Sleep

Suilong 26cm Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress - Comfort and Support for a Restful Night's Sleep

£179.99 – £449.99
Experience ultimate comfort and support with our luxurious hybrid pocket spring mattress. 26cm mattress features 3 Zone Springs, advanced foams, and hundreds of pocket springs for targeted support. It is...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)EU (80 x 200cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)EU (90 x 200cm)EU (100 x 200cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cm)EU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)EU (200 x 200cm)
Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

£159.99 – £269.99
EDGE SUPPORT:Suilong mattress has good edge-to-edge support and the medium tension provides really good support, which will suit pretty much anyone. No matter if you lay on the side, back...
2FT6 UK Small Single (75 x 190cm)3FT UK Single (90 x 190cm)4FT UK Small Double (120 x 190cm)EU (120 x 200cm)4FT6 UK Double (135 x 190cm)EU (140 x 200cm)5FT UK King (150 x 200cm)EU (160 x 200cm)6FT Super King (180 x 200cm)
Suilong Reverie 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong Reverie 20cm Hybrid Mattress

£129.99 – £339.99
Comfort & Support: Perfectly balanced with individual pocket springs for spine alignment. Ideal support and comfort, offering a hybrid feel from day one. Memory Foam Hybrid: Contours body for pressure...
Small Single 75 x 190cmSmall Single 80x200EU (100 x 200cm)Small Double 120 x 190cmEU Small Double 120 x 200cmDouble 135 x 190cmDouble XL 140x200x20CM150x200x20CMEU King 160 x 200cmSuper King 180x200

Ultimate Guide to Small Single Beds in the UK | Space-Saving Comfort

Welcome to the world of small single mattresses: discover comfort and convenience in every inch of space!

Choosing the right mattress is especially important when it comes to finding the perfect sleep solution. Whether you're looking for the right mattress for a child's room or a space-efficient solution for guest rooms and compact living spaces, the small single mattress is an ideal choice for its unique size and comfort. Today, we're delving into the world of small single mattresses to help you find the perfect match for your space and comfort needs.

small single mattress

1. Small single mattress size guide: discovering the perfect size

Before you consider buying a small single mattress, it's vital to understand its dimensions. Small single mattress (75cm x 190cm): suitable for children or small spaces used by a single person. This size of mattress is ideal for a small bedroom or guest room.

However, when we talk about comfort, the choice of material is equally important.

  • Memory Foam Mattress: With its excellent body support and pressure relief properties, Memory Foam Mattress is a popular choice for those looking for a comfortable sleep experience. Memory Foam adapts to the shape of your body based on body temperature and weight, providing you with personalised sleep support.
  • Gel Memory Foam Mattress: combines all the benefits of memory foam with the cooling properties of gel particles to provide a solution that is both supportive and regulates sleep temperature, ideal for sleepers who tend to feel heat build-up during the night.
  • Hybrid Mattress: combines the support of a traditional sprung mattress with the comfort of a memory foam mattress, providing an ideal option for those seeking a balanced sleep experience. They typically feature a multi-layered construction with a soft top layer of memory foam and a bottom layer of springs that provide bounce and support.
  • Mattress in a Box: In recent years, mattresses in a box have become popular with consumers because of their convenience and cost-effectiveness. These mattresses are shipped and delivered compressed in a box and are simply unfolded and ready to use when they arrive home.

Small single mattresses also offer many options for those who prefer a firm mattress (Firm Mattress). Firm mattresses offer more support, especially for sleepers with back and lumbar problems.

Different Sleeping Positions can also affect mattress choice. Whether you sleep on your side, on your back or your stomach, choosing the right mattress is key to ensuring a quality night's sleep.

Now, having learnt about the sizes and material options available for small single mattresses, you may be wondering if these mattresses are suitable for adults and what age groups they are suitable for. Read on as we explore these questions in depth.

Next, we'll explore the viability of small single mattresses for adults and their suitability for different age groups. Stay tuned to discover more great things about small single mattresses.

small single mattress

2. Small single mattresses for adults: the art of balancing comfort and space

Many people are sceptical about whether a small single mattress can be used comfortably by adults. A small single mattress is perfectly suited to the sleeping needs of adults, especially in environments where space is at a premium. The key lies in choosing the right type of mattress and considering individual sleeping habits.

For adult users, it is vital to choose a mattress with good support and the right level of comfort. Memory foam mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses provide a stable and comfortable sleeping environment due to their ability to distribute body pressure and reduce the number of rolls. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, provide additional support and are particularly suitable for adults who need more back support.

Additionally, it's especially important to choose the type of mattress that suits your sleeping habits, taking into account different sleeping positions. Side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress to minimise pressure on the shoulders and hips, while back and stomach sleepers may be better suited to a medium-firm or firm mattress to maintain the spine's natural curve.

3. What age groups is a small single mattress suitable for?

The suitability of small single mattresses spans all age groups, with suitable options available for children to adults. For children and teenagers, a small single mattress is ideal for saving space while providing enough room for growth and support. For adults who move around a lot or have limited living space, small single mattresses also offer a solution that is both practical and comfortable.

Children and teenagers: given the need for physical support during growth, choosing a memory foam or gel memory foam mattress will provide them with a good quality of sleep and help their bodies to develop healthily.

Adults: whether as a temporary sleeping solution or to maximise limited living space, adults are perfectly placed to enjoy a comfortable sleep experience on a small single mattress.

small single mattress


Choosing the right small single mattress is key to improving the quality of your sleep. Whether you're looking for a space-saving mattress solution or need to give special consideration to materials and support to accommodate your sleeping habits, our guide is designed to help you make an informed choice. Remember, a good night's rest is vital to maintaining your daily vitality and health.

Now, you've learned about the size guide for small single mattresses, the feasibility of adult use, and options for different age groups. Ready to choose the perfect small single mattress for yourself or your family? Explore our range and find that ideal mattress that will help you sleep soundly night after night.

Keep exploring and discover more about the secrets to a comfortable night's sleep. Remember to check our product listings and detailed reviews to make the best choice for your quality of sleep.


Q1: What size is a small single bed?
A1: A small single bed typically measures about 75cm in width and 190cm in length. This compact size is ideal for saving space while providing an adequate sleeping area for one person.

Q2: What is the difference between a single and a small single mattress?
A2: The main difference lies in the dimensions. A standard single mattress measures approximately 90cm in width and 190cm in length, whereas a small single mattress is narrower, with a width of about 75cm. The reduced width of a small single mattress makes it an excellent option for smaller rooms or spaces.

Q3: Are there different sizes of single beds?
A3: Yes, single beds come in various sizes, including the standard single and the small single. Additionally, there's the "single XL," which offers extra length for taller individuals, measuring around 90cm in width by 200cm in length.

Q4: Can you get a small single mattress?
A4: Absolutely, small single mattresses are widely available and cater to those needing a space-efficient sleeping solution. They are perfect for children’s bedrooms, guest rooms, or any area where space is at a premium.

Q5: Can an adult sleep in a small single bed?
A5: Yes, adults can comfortably sleep in a small single bed, especially if space is limited or for temporary sleeping arrangements. It’s essential to choose a mattress with adequate support and comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Q6: What age is a small single bed for?
A6: Small single beds are versatile and suitable for all ages, from young children transitioning from a cot to adults needing a space-saving sleeping solution. The key is to select the right mattress to match the comfort and support needs of the sleeper.

Q7: How do I choose the best mattress for a small single bed?
A7: Consider the sleeper’s comfort preferences, the mattress material (such as memory foam, hybrid, or gel memory foam), and the firmness level. It’s also wise to think about specific needs like temperature regulation or additional back support.

Q8: Is it challenging to find bedding for small single beds?
A8: Not at all. Bedding for small single beds is readily available, with many retailers offering a variety of sheets, duvets, and mattress protectors specifically designed for this size.

Q9: Can small single beds be used in guest rooms?
A9: Certainly, small single beds are an excellent choice for guest rooms. They provide comfortable sleeping space for guests while conserving room space, making them ideal for occasional use.

Q10: Are small single mattresses available in different firmness levels?
A10: Yes, small single mattresses come in various firmness levels to cater to different sleeping preferences. Whether you prefer a soft, medium, or firm mattress, there’s an option available to ensure your comfort and support needs are met.