What are the most popular bed sizes for adults?

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Choosing the right bed size is undoubtedly a fundamental and important step in the quest for quality sleep. Whether you're living alone or sharing quality time with your partner, the right size bed can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. From single mattresses to super king size mattresses, there are many options on the market, but which one is the most popular among adults? In this article, we'll delve into the pros and cons of different bed sizes to help you find the best option for you.

1: Overview of preferred bed sizes for adults

Different bed sizes cater for different people. A small single mattress is good for limited space or for children, while a standard single mattress is better suited for single adults. For couples, a double mattress provides enough space without taking up too much room. However, for those who desire more room to spread out, king size mattresses or super king size mattresses are clearly a better choice.

When considering mattress size, it's important to consider not only your body size and sleeping habits, but also the size of the room. A mattress that's too big can make a bedroom look cramped, while one that's too small may not be big enough to provide a comfortable sleep experience.

The material of the mattress is also an important consideration. Memory foam mattresses are favoured by many for their excellent body support and comfort. Hybrid mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses offer varying degrees of breathability and support for different sleep needs.

Next, we'll explore the best-selling bed sizes on the market and the reasons behind these trends. Stay tuned to learn how to make informed bed size choices based on the latest market data and consumer preferences.

2: Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

Market trends provide valuable guidance when it comes to understanding adult preferences for bed sizes. In recent years, sales of king size mattresses and super king size mattresses have shown significant growth as people's quality of life and understanding of sleep health have improved. This trend reflects not only the quest for a comfortable sleeping space, but also the improved conditions of modern homes that make larger bed sizes possible.

The best-selling bed sizes on the market

According to the latest sales figures, the double mattress remains a popular choice on the market, especially for young couples and single flat dwellers. However, for families with enough space, the super king size mattress is becoming an increasingly popular choice, offering unrivalled space and comfort.

Changes in bed size trends

As society and technology evolve, so do consumer demands for mattresses. Memory foam mattresses and mattress in a box have become popular in recent years due to their convenience and comfort. Additionally, rising health and environmental awareness has fuelled demand for specific types of mattresses, such as gel memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Next, let's dive into choosing the right bed size for a couple. From a couple's sleeping habits to their space needs, we'll provide comprehensive analyses and recommendations to help each couple find their ideal choice.

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3: The Best Options for Couples

Choosing the right bed size is particularly important for couples, not only in terms of the quality of sleep they get each night, but also in terms of the quality of life and harmony in their relationship. When deciding on the best bed size, couples need to consider their respective sleeping habits, body size and the amount of space in their bedroom.

Couple's Sleeping Habits and Bed Size Selection

Everyone's sleeping habits are unique, with some people preferring to have plenty of room to move around while they sleep, while others prefer to be close to their partner. For this reason, a double mattress is usually the base choice, but for couples who need more space to stay comfortable, king size mattresses or super king size mattresses would be a better choice.

Analysing a couple's space needs

When choosing a bed size, couples should also consider their bedroom space. An oversized mattress may make the bedroom look overcrowded, limiting the space for placing other furniture or moving around. Therefore, before deciding on a bed size, it's a good idea to measure the dimensions of your bedroom to ensure that the mattress you choose meets your comfort needs without compromising the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom.

In the next section, we'll look at the best-selling bed sizes on the UK market and the ultimate guide to choosing the best bed size for you. Different bed sizes suit different needs, and understanding how market trends and individual needs match up can help you make a more informed decision.

4: The best-selling bed sizes on the UK market

As we delve deeper into the UK market, understanding the best-selling bed sizes can be very helpful in making the right choice for you. Consumer preferences in the UK can differ from other regions, which may be driven in part by room size and cultural differences.

Consumer choice in the UK

In the UK, double mattresses have always been a popular choice in homes due to their modest size and practicality. However, as living standards rise, more and more households are favouring larger mattress sizes such as king size mattresses and super king size mattresses, especially amongst consumers who are looking for the ultimate in comfort and generous sleeping space.

Choosing the best bed size for you

When deciding which size mattress to buy, UK consumers need to consider a few key factors: the size of their bedroom, their budget, their personal and partner's sleeping habits, and their preferred sleeping position. For those who prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress, choosing a firm mattress may be more suitable. And for those who have a specific sleeping position, such as side or back sleepers, they may want to consider a memory foam mattress or gel memory foam mattress, as they offer better support and comfort.

Next, read on for our buying guide to find out how to choose the right type of mattress to ensure you and your family have the best possible sleep experience.

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5: The ultimate guide to choosing the right mattress

Having learnt about the best-selling bed sizes on the UK market, the next step is to identify the type of mattress that best suits your individual needs. Different mattress materials and constructions offer different levels of support and comfort, so choosing the right mattress is crucial to ensuring a good night's sleep.

Choosing a mattress type

  • Memory Foam Mattress: This type of mattress is favoured for its excellent body support and pressure relief. Particularly suitable for those who need extra joint and back support.
  • Hybrid Mattress: Combining the support of an innerspring mattress with the comfort of memory foam, this mattress is suitable for those sleepers who prefer a medium firmness or need moderate support.
  • Gel Memory Foam Mattress: adds gel particles to traditional memory foam for improved breathability and is a cooling option for sleepers with higher heat levels.
  • Mattress in a Box: this mattress is growing in popularity due to its convenience; it can be delivered directly to your home and is easy to set up.

Choosing a mattress based on sleep position

  • Side sleepers: Typically need a soft to medium-soft mattress to ensure your shoulders and hips are properly cushioned while keeping your spine aligned.
  • Back sleepers: need a medium-firm mattress to provide adequate support and maintain the natural curve of the spine.
  • Tummy sleepers: It is best to choose a firmer mattress to avoid sinking your lower back and causing your spine to curve.

Consider individual needs and preferences

Other personal needs and preferences such as the need for an anti-allergy mattress, the durability of the mattress, and budgetary constraints should also be taken into consideration when making your final mattress choice. By carefully considering these factors, you will be able to choose the best mattress for you and enjoy a comfortable night's sleep every night.

Choosing the right bed size and mattress type is essential to ensuring good quality sleep and overall health. We hope that with this guide, you will be able to find the perfect mattress to match your needs and enjoy every peaceful night.

We invite you to share your mattress selection experiences in the comments section, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Let's talk about it and find that perfect mattress that will give you a peaceful night's sleep.


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Q1: What size bed do most adults sleep in?
A1: The majority of adults find a double mattress to be adequately spacious for a single sleeper, offering a comfortable amount of room to move around. However, preferences can vary, and many individuals opt for a king size mattress if bedroom space permits, especially for those who value extra space or share the bed with a partner.

Q2: What is the best selling bed size?
A2: The best selling bed size tends to fluctuate based on market trends and consumer preferences. Currently, the king size mattress holds the title for the best selling bed size, as it strikes a balance between ample sleeping space and fitting well in most medium to large-sized bedrooms.

Q3: What size bed do most couples use?
A3: Most couples prefer using a king size mattress as it provides sufficient space for two individuals to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other. Those with smaller bedroom spaces might opt for a double mattress, but a king size is favoured for its spaciousness.

Q4: What is the best selling bed size in the UK?
A4: In the UK, the best selling bed size is the king size mattress. It's favoured for its generous dimensions that provide couples with comfort and personal space, whilst still being manageable in the average UK bedroom size.

Q5: What size bed do I really need?
A5: The size of bed you need depends on several factors including your body size, whether you share the bed, your sleeping habits, and the size of your bedroom. A single mattress might suffice for a solitary sleeper, but a double mattress is recommended for added comfort. Couples or those who prefer more space might consider a king or super king size mattress.

Q6: Which size mattress is best?
A6: The best mattress size depends on personal needs and room dimensions. Single and small single mattresses are ideal for children and small rooms. Double mattresses suit single adults who prefer more space or couples with limited room. King and super king sizes are best for couples seeking maximum comfort and space.

Q7: How do I choose the right mattress size for my bedroom?
A7: Measure your bedroom to ensure there's enough space to accommodate the bed size you're considering, along with other furniture, allowing for movement around the room. Consider the bed's occupants and their comfort needs. A king size mattress is often the go-to for spacious bedrooms, while smaller rooms may require more compact options.

Q8: Is a super king size mattress too large for most bedrooms?
A8: Whether a super king size mattress is too large depends on the dimensions of your bedroom. It's perfect for larger rooms, offering luxurious space. However, for smaller bedrooms, careful measurement is needed to ensure it doesn't overwhelm the space.

Q9: Can a double mattress comfortably fit two adults?
A9: A double mattress can fit two adults but might offer limited space for each person, especially if one or both individuals prefer more room to move during sleep. For optimal comfort, couples might consider upgrading to a king size mattress.

Q10: Are there specific bed sizes recommended for specific sleeping positions?
A10: While bed size doesn't directly correlate with sleeping positions, larger mattresses can provide more freedom to move, benefiting those who change positions frequently. Side sleepers might appreciate the space of a king size mattress, allowing for knee and elbow extension without encroaching on a partner's space.

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