Ultimate Guide to UK Bed Sizes: Find Your Perfect Match


When we talk about quality sleep, choosing the right mattress size becomes an unmissable factor. Whether it's a single mattress, a double mattress or the more spacious super king size mattress and king size mattresses, the variety of choices available on the UK market ensures that everyone can find the perfect match for their needs. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the various mattress sizes, from small single mattresses to super king size mattresses, to help you make an informed choice.

Next, let's step into the world of UK mattress sizes and explore the one that's right for you.

1. Basics of UK mattress sizes

Before you delve in, it's vital to understand the basic concepts of UK mattress sizes. Common types of mattresses on the UK market include single mattresses, small single mattresses, double mattresses, small double mattresses, king size mattresses, and super king size mattresses. these sizes These sizes cater for a wide range of spaces, from bachelor pads to family bedrooms.

  • Single mattress: A standard single mattress, ideal for one person and a space-saving option.
  • Small single mattress: slightly smaller than a standard single mattress, ideal for children or very small bedrooms.
  • Double mattress: a double mattress that provides a comfortable option for a couple or a single adult looking for more space.
  • Small double mattress: a size between a single and a double mattress, suitable for people with limited space but needing more room than a single mattress.
  • King size mattresses and super king size mattresses: offer extra width and length to ensure an optimal sleeping experience, perfect for people looking for ultimate comfort and space.

Once you know these basics, choosing the right mattress for you is no longer a difficult task. But remember, it's not only the size that you need to consider when choosing, but also the comfort and support of the mattress.

Next, we'll explore the different mattress sizes in detail to ensure you find the perfect match for your needs.


2. Explore different mattress sizes in detail

Choosing the right mattress size is crucial to getting a good night's sleep. Below, we'll take a closer look at each size to help you make the best choice for you.

Single Mattresses

Designed for a single adult or child, the Single Mattress comes in a standard size of 90cm x 190cm. it's ideal for smaller bedrooms or student halls of residence, saving space and providing plenty of comfort.

Small Single Mattress

Slightly smaller than a standard single mattress, usually measuring 75cm x 190cm, the Small Single Mattress is best suited to children or as a temporary sleeping solution in very limited spaces.

Double Mattress

The Double Mattress offers more width than a single mattress and measures approximately 135cm x 190cm. it is ideal for couples or single adults who like to have more room to move around in their sleep.

Small Double Mattress

The Small Double Mattress, also known as a four-foot mattress, measures 120cm x 190cm and is narrower than a standard double mattress but still provides comfortable sleeping space for two people, making it perfect for bedrooms where space is limited.

King Size Mattresses

Measuring 150cm x 200cm, King Size Mattresses offer more width and length than a double mattress, making them ideal for those looking for ultimate comfort and space.

Super King Size Mattresses

The Super King Size Mattress is the largest standard mattress on the market, measuring 180cm x 200cm. it offers an unrivalled sense of spaciousness and comfort, ideal for larger bedrooms.

Once you have learnt more about these mattress sizes, you should be able to choose the most appropriate mattress size for your individual needs and bedroom space. Remember, size is only one of many considerations when choosing a mattress. Comfort, material and support are just as important.

Next, we'll explore how to choose the best mattress size for your specific situation, ensuring that your choice is both in line with your personal preferences and adapted to your bedroom space.

3. How to choose the best mattress size

When choosing the best mattress size, it's especially important to consider your personal needs and bedroom space. Here are some guidelines to help you make your decision:

Personal needs and room size

  • Personal needs: Consider factors such as your sleeping habits (e.g. whether you turn over a lot), whether you sleep with a partner, and your height. These will affect your choice of mattress size.
  • Room size: Measure the dimensions of your bedroom to make sure you choose a mattress that meets your comfort needs without overcrowding your bedroom. Leave enough room to accommodate other furniture and maintain a comfortable walking space.

The importance of mattress length

For taller people, it is important to choose a mattress that is longer than the standard size (such as king size mattresses or super king size mattresses) to ensure comfort throughout the night. It's also crucial to consider the size of the bed frame, which needs to be able to perfectly match the size of the mattress.

Having learnt how to choose a mattress based on your individual needs and room dimensions, the next step is to delve into mattress size calculations, which will further help you make an informed choice.

We're about to explore how to measure and calculate mattress dimensions to ensure that the mattress you buy fits perfectly in your bedroom space. Stay tuned for more useful information.


4. Guide to calculating mattress sizes in the UK

Measuring and calculating mattress dimensions correctly is crucial to choosing the best mattress for you. Here are some steps and tips to help you accurately measure and determine the ideal mattress size:

  • Prepare your tools: prepare a reliable tape measure to ensure that you can measure accurately.
  • Measure the space: Firstly, measure the space in your bedroom, including the area reserved for the mattress. Make a note of the length and width, and consider leaving appropriate space for walking around and other furniture.
  • Consider the size of the bed frame: If you already have a bed frame, make sure to measure the internal dimensions of the frame to ensure that your new mattress will fit perfectly.
  • Choose a mattress size: Based on the measurements and your personal needs (e.g. height, co-sleeping, etc.), choose the most appropriate mattress size, considering anything from a small single mattress to a super king size mattress.
  • Verify the size: Before purchasing, reconfirm the size specifications of the mattress to make sure it fits your measurements and needs.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the mattress size you choose is perfectly suited to your bedroom and personal needs, providing you with a more comfortable and healthy sleep experience.

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Q1: What are the standard bed sizes available in the UK?
A1: In the UK, standard bed sizes range from small single, single, small double, double, king, and super king. Dimensions vary, but common sizes are small single (75 x 190 cm), single (90 x 190 cm), small double (120 x 190 cm), double (135 x 190 cm), king (150 x 200 cm), and super king (180 x 200 cm).

Q2: What is the UK equivalent of a queen size bed?
A2: The UK equivalent of a queen size bed is often considered to be the king size bed, which measures 150 x 200 cm. The term "queen size" is more commonly used in the US and other countries, with UK sizes having their own nomenclature.

Q3: Is a queen size bed bigger than a king in the UK?
A3: In the UK, there is no commonly used "queen size" designation as in the US. The king size bed (150 x 200 cm) is larger than what is typically referred to as a double bed (135 x 190 cm), which might be considered equivalent to a queen size in other regions.

Q4: What is the best bed size in the UK?
A4: The best bed size depends on individual needs, room size, and whether you share the bed. For singles or those with limited space, a single or small double might suffice. Couples or those preferring more space might opt for a king or super king size.

Q5: Are all UK beds the same length?
A5: Not all UK beds are the same length. Standard lengths include 190 cm for single, small double, and double beds, and 200 cm for king and super king beds. However, some manufacturers offer extra-length options.

Q6: How do bed sizes work in the UK?
A6: UK bed sizes are categorised by width and length in centimetres. The size names (e.g., single, double, king) refer to specific dimensions, with each size designed to accommodate different needs and room sizes.

Q7: What size bed is most popular in UK households?
A7: The double bed (135 x 190 cm) has traditionally been the most popular size in UK households, but king size beds (150 x 200 cm) are becoming increasingly popular for the extra space they provide.

Q8: Can UK king size bedding fit on a queen size bed?
A8: Since the UK does not commonly use the term "queen size," UK king size bedding is designed for UK king size beds (150 x 200 cm). It may not fit perfectly on beds referred to as "queen size" in other countries due to different dimensions.

Q9: What should I consider when choosing a bed size in the UK?
A9: Consider your room size, if you'll be sharing the bed, personal comfort preferences, and budget. Measure your space to ensure the bed will fit comfortably with room to move around.

Q10: Are special size beds available for taller individuals in the UK?
A10: Yes, some manufacturers offer special size beds or made-to-order options for taller individuals, including longer lengths than the standard sizes to ensure comfort for everyone, regardless of height.

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