UK Mattress Size: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bed

UK Mattress Size

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect mattress in the UK can be daunting with an array of sizes to choose from. Our comprehensive guide to UK mattress size is your quintessential roadmap, simplifying your decision-making process by laying out all sizes in order, from the snug single to the luxurious super king. Whether you're furnishing a cosy room or seeking unrivalled comfort, understanding these dimensions is pivotal.

UK Mattress Size

1. Single Mattress: the best choice for personal space

A single mattress is the most suitable option for a single adult or child, usually measuring 90cm x 190cm. it is not only a space saver, but also provides sufficient comfort, making it ideal for a small bedroom or student accommodation. When choosing a single mattress, consider your height and sleeping habits to ensure that the mattress provides plenty of support and comfort.

Next, let's explore slightly larger mattress sizes to provide a guide for sleepers who need more space.

2. Small Double Mattress: Compact and Comfortable

The Small Double Mattress is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a double sleep with limited space in their bedroom. Measuring approximately 120cm x 190cm, this mattress is wider than a single mattress but still smaller than a standard double mattress, making it ideal for singles or couples who want an intimate and uncrowded sleeping experience in a smaller space. Small double mattresses save space and provide enough comfort to be ideal for city flats.

Now, we're going to enter the world of the standard double mattress and see how it has become a popular choice for many families.

3. The Standard Double Mattress: a popular choice for families

Measuring 135cm x 190cm, the Standard Double Mattress is the most common type of mattress found in UK homes. This size provides enough room for two adults to be comfortable without taking up too much room, making it ideal for couples who want to enjoy intimacy at night without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're a newlywed or a partner with years of history together, the Standard Twin Mattress will fit the bill, providing a stable and supportive sleep environment.

Moving towards a more spacious sleeping experience, king size mattresses await sleepers who seek the ultimate in comfort.

4. King Size Mattresses: the ultimate in spaciousness and comfort

At 150cm x 200cm, the King Size Mattress offers more sleeping space than a standard double mattress. This size of mattress is designed for those who seek an exceptional sleeping experience, whether it's a sleeper who turns over a lot or a family who wants the kids to jump into bed on weekend mornings to share lazy days, the King Mattress offers plenty of space. It's also ideal for those who want their bedroom to be a luxurious lounge space, upgrading your quality of sleep and quality of life at the same time.

But if you think a king mattress is big enough for you, then the super king size mattress will redefine your idea of spaciousness. Next, let's discover how the super king mattress takes the sleeping experience to new heights.

5. super king size mattress: unrivalled spaciousness and comfort

The Super King Mattress, at a staggering 180cm x 200cm, is the largest standard mattress on the UK market. It offers unprecedented spaciousness for sleepers who are not satisfied with a normal sized mattress. Whether you're a couple who need extra space to accommodate different sleeping habits, or a family who want to enjoy a lazy weekend in bed with the kids, the Super King mattress meets your highest demands for comfort and space.

In addition, it has become a popular choice for high-end bedroom designs, not only because of the comfort it offers, but also because it symbolises luxury and spaciousness. Choosing a Super King mattress means you are taking your sleep experience and quality of life to a whole new level.

Carefully selecting the right mattress size for you is not only about a good night's sleep, it's about quality of life. Next, we'll explore how to make a smart mattress choice based on your personal needs and bedroom space.

Small Single 2’6″ x 6’3″ (75 x 190cm)
Single 3’ x 6’3″ (90 x 190cm)
Small Double 4’ x 6’3″ (120 x 190cm)
Double 4’6″ x 6’3″ (135 x 190cm)
King Size 5′ x 6’6″ (150 x 200cm)
Super King 6’ x 6’6″ (180 x 200cm)

bed size

6. Considerations for choosing a mattress

When choosing the perfect mattress, there are several key factors to consider in addition to size:

Room Size and Layout

Measuring your bedroom dimensions is the first step in choosing a mattress. Make sure the mattress size matches the room size, leaving enough room for daily activities. A mattress that's too large may make your bedroom seem cramped, while one that's too small could compromise sleep quality and room aesthetics.

Personal needs and preferences

Consider your sleeping habits, whether you have a partner, and any special needs, such as back pain issues or preferences for mattress materials. All of these factors will influence your mattress choice.

Budget Planning

Mattress prices can vary greatly depending on size, brand and material. Set a reasonable budget without sacrificing essential comfort and support. Remember, investing in a good mattress equates to investing in your health and well-being.

7. Mattress Buying Guide

Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress: excellent support for your sleep

  • Edge support:

The Suilong mattress has excellent edge-to-edge support, with medium tension providing really good support for almost everyone. Whether you're lying on your side, back or stomach, you'll feel supported and wake up in the morning without pain or soreness. This support is made possible by the 3-zone pocket spring system. Our 2-layer innovative memory foam customises comfort to your body shape, providing you with the ultimate in pressure relief and snug comfort.

  • Soft and anti-allergenic knit cover:

The fabric is incredibly soft and made of breathable fabric interwoven with cotton threads to help protect the mattress from dust and other allergens. Our 3ft mattress allows air to circulate more freely through the core of the mattress springs, making it cooler to sleep on and helping moisture to evaporate faster. This firm mattress meets CertiPUR-US's strict standards for materials, emissions, durability and performance.

  • Motion Isolation:

If you've been looking for the right product, our hybrid mattress will do you proud - especially for people who move around a lot at night and don't want to disturb their partner. This is thanks to the combined efforts of hundreds of independently working spring coils. High-density foam layers combine with innerspring support to provide a medium-firm feel. We offer a home trial period of up to 101 days to allow you to fully acclimatise to your new mattress.

  • Orthopedic Wave Memory Foam Mattress:

The wave-shaped foam layer adapts to your unique body shape and curves. Our ergonomic springs dynamically adapt to your body as you change sleeping positions during the night, with a reinforced core area designed to keep your spine aligned. This Pocket Spring mattress is a medium-firm mattress that's comfortable enough to sleep on, but firm enough to support your body properly. At the end of your day, Suilong Bedding helps to take the edge off when you're done with work, school and life.

  • Suilong specialises in design:

You don't always need to spend a fortune to get a decent night's sleep, and the Suilong mattress proves it, offering a cool, comfortable night's sleep at a fraction of the cost. This single mattress is compressed, curled and vacuum encapsulated in a box. We are a manufacturer specialising in the production and processing of mattresses and also have a dedicated development and R&D team. If you have any comments, corrections or questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also enjoy a discount for purchasing now, if you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us.


Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

soft & hypoallergenic knitted cover

motion isolation

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8. Mattress Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care is necessary to extend the life of your mattress. Regularly turning or rotating your mattress, using a mattress protector, and avoiding jumping on the bed are all effective ways to keep your mattress in good condition.

Choosing the right mattress is an important decision that affects the quality of your sleep and the quality of your daily life. By taking the above factors and recommendations into consideration, you will be able to find a mattress that perfectly matches your needs.

Don't underestimate the difference a good mattress can make. Start your journey of discovery now and choose the perfect sleep partner for yourself and your family.


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Q1: What are the bed sizes in order in the UK? A1: In the UK, bed sizes progress as follows: small single, single, small double (also known as a queen), double, king, and super king being the largest standard size.

Q2: Is a queen bigger than a double in the UK? A2: In the UK, the term "queen size" isn't commonly used; however, the closest equivalent is a small double or sometimes referred to as a queen in other countries, which is smaller than a standard UK double.

Q3: Is a king bigger than a queen? A3: Yes, in the UK, a king-size bed is larger than a double (the UK equivalent of a queen). The king offers more width and length, providing extra space and comfort.

Q4: What is the largest bed size in the UK? A4: The largest standard bed size in the UK is the super king. It provides ample space for individuals seeking the utmost comfort or for couples who prefer maximum personal sleeping space.

Q5: How do I choose the right size mattress for my room? A5: Measure your room's dimensions carefully, considering the space needed for walking and furniture. As a rule of thumb, ensure there's at least 60-75 cm of space around the bed's perimeter for ease of movement.

Q6: Can two adults comfortably sleep in a double bed? A6: Yes, two adults can comfortably sleep in a double bed, though if you prefer extra space, opting for a king or super king might be a better choice to prevent disturbances during sleep.

Q7: What bed size is most suitable for a guest room? A7: A small double or double bed is typically suitable for guest rooms, providing enough space for couples or a luxurious amount of space for a single guest.

Q8: Are bed sizes standard across all UK mattress brands? A8: While most UK mattress brands stick to standard UK bed sizes, there can be slight variations. Always check the exact dimensions when purchasing a mattress and match it with your bed frame size.

Q9: How do I know if I need a new mattress? A9: Signs you might need a new mattress include visible wear and tear, feeling springs or dips when lying down, or experiencing aches and pains upon waking. A good mattress typically lasts 7-10 years.

Q10: Can a king-size mattress fit in any bedroom? A10: Not necessarily. Before opting for a king-size mattress, ensure your bedroom has adequate space, not only for the mattress but also for additional furniture and walking space around the bed.

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