UK Mattress Size Guide: Dimensions in CM and Inches

Mattress Size

Navigating the world of mattresses can be quite daunting, especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your sleeping needs and room space. Our comprehensive guide on UK mattress sizes, detailed in both centimetres and inches, is here to demystify the process. Whether you're furnishing a new home, upgrading your current mattress, or simply curious about the standard sizes available in the UK, this article has got you covered.

1. UK mattress sizes in detail

Single Mattress

Single mattresses, which typically measure 90cm x 190cm (35" x 75"), are perfect for designing for one person. Whether it's a child's room or a bachelor pad, single mattresses are popular for their space-saving benefits. If you have limited space in your room, or if you are a single adult looking for an efficient and comfortable sleeping space, then a single mattress would be ideal for you.

Next, we'll explore how a small double mattress can be an ideal option for those who need more space. Stay tuned to find the perfect mattress for you.

Small Double Mattress

The Small Double Mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking to find a balance between comfort and space utilisation.Typically measuring 120cm x 190cm (47" x 75"), the Small Double Mattress is more spacious than a single bed, but doesn't take up as much space as a traditional double bed. This makes a small double mattress ideal for smaller flats or bedrooms where space needs to be saved.

The small double mattress not only suits the needs of single adults who want more free space in their sleep, but also the first shared mattress for young couples. It offers an affordable way to get a more comfortable sleeping experience than a single bed, while also leaving room for possible future space upgrades.

Next, let's take an in-depth look at the standard double mattress and how it has become a popular choice for many families. Keep reading to explore more mattress options that are right for you.

Double Mattress

The standard double mattress, measuring 135cm x 190cm (53" x 75"), is ideal for pairs of adults, offering plenty of space to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.The double mattress is the standard choice for many families as it accommodates the need for a shared bed without taking up too much space in the bedroom.

An important consideration in choosing a standard double mattress is that it provides comfortable sleeping space for two people while still maintaining the other functional space in the bedroom. Whether you're a newlywed or a single person looking to upgrade their sleeping experience, a standard double mattress offers a balance between comfort and space efficiency.

Now, let's move on to the more spacious option, king size mattresses, and see how they can provide a solution for those looking for the ultimate in comfort and space. Keep following our guide on how to choose a larger mattress for your sleeping space.

king size mattresses

When it comes to mattresses that offer a luxurious sleeping experience, king size mattresses are certainly at the top of the list. Measuring 150cm x 200cm (59" x 79"), these mattresses are wider and longer than a standard double bed, providing unrivalled space and comfort for sleeping. The king size mattress is an ideal choice for couples or individuals who like to enjoy extra space whilst sleeping.

In addition to the space benefits, king size mattresses are also revered for their ability to accommodate a variety of sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, this size mattress provides plenty of support and comfort. Additionally, if your partner rolls over a lot during the night, a queen size mattress will ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted.

As we dive into the more spacious mattress option, the super king size mattress, you'll learn why choosing a larger mattress size is becoming a trend for those seeking ultimate comfort and spaciousness. Read on to discover the secrets to fitting your luxurious sleeping space.

Next, we'll explore the appeal of oversized mattresses and how they meet the needs of people who demand superb comfort and space. Follow our guide to choosing a larger bed size for the quality of your sleep.

Super King Size Mattress

On the journey to seeking a top quality sleep experience, the super king size mattress represents the ultimate in comfort and space. These mattresses measure 180cm x 200cm (71" x 79") and provide the user with the ultimate in spaciousness for sleeping. For those who are not willing to compromise on the quality of their sleep and desire the most expansive sleeping area, the super king size mattress is the undisputed choice.

Not only does an oversized mattress provide couples with plenty of personal space and reduce the possibility of disturbing each other, it is also suitable for families, especially those who like to share sweet moments with their children. In addition, for people with special sleeping needs who require extra space to adjust their sleeping position, a king size mattress offers plenty of flexibility and comfort.

Choosing a king size mattress means that you will have a space where you can fully stretch out and enjoy an unrivalled sleeping experience. If your bedroom space allows, investing in a king size mattress is a smart way to enhance your quality of life.

At this point, we've detailed the various UK mattress sizes available, from single mattresses to super king size mattresses. Each size of mattress has its own unique benefits and best fit scenarios, the key is to make the right choice based on your individual needs, space conditions and budget.

Mattress Size

2. Mattress size selection guide

With so many mattress size options available, choosing the most appropriate size can be confusing. Here are some practical tips designed to help you make the best choice based on your personal needs, the size of your space, and your sleeping habits:

Choose a mattress based on room size

  • Measure your space: before considering any mattress purchase, first measure your bedroom space. Make sure you leave enough room to move around and enough room for other furniture.
  • Balance space with comfort: Choose a mattress size that maximises comfort without taking up too much space in the room. For example, a small double mattress may be the best choice in a smaller room.

Consider the height and size of the user

  • Individual height: For people over 183cm (6ft) tall, choosing a King or Super King size will be more comfortable as they provide extra length.
  • Accommodate different sleeping positions: If you or your partner like to roll over or change sleeping positions, choosing a more spacious mattress will help ensure a good sleeping environment.

The relationship between mattress size and sleep quality

  • Adequate space: Ensure that the mattress you choose provides enough space for you and your partner (if applicable) to promote a better quality of sleep.
  • Personal preference: Consider your personal preferences and sleeping habits. Some people may prefer a spacious sleeping area, while others may sleep better on a smaller mattress.

Considering the above factors when choosing a mattress will help you make a decision that's better for you, so you can enjoy a more comfortable, quality sleep experience. Whether you're single, have a partner, or use it for your family, the right mattress size is the key to a better night's sleep.

Read on in our Buying and Maintenance Advice section for more practical information on how to choose and maintain your mattress to ensure you get value for money and a long term comfortable sleep experience.

Mattress Size

3. Purchasing and Maintenance Advice

How to measure and make sure your mattress fits your space

Before choosing a mattress, it's important to measure your bedroom space correctly. Make sure you leave enough room for walking around and other furniture to avoid buying a mattress that is too big for your space. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your bedroom and consider the location of doorways, windows and any ramps. Make a note of these measurements and use them as a reference when shopping for a mattress.

Tips for Maintaining Your Mattress for a Longer Life

Once you've chosen the right mattress, proper maintenance can help you extend its life. It is recommended to flip or rotate your mattress every three months to ensure even wear and prolong its life. Using a mattress protector will prevent dust mites and other allergens from building up, as well as protect your mattress from spills and stains.

Advice on choosing a matching bed frame and mattress

When choosing a mattress, you should also consider the size and type of bed frame. Make sure the size of the bed frame matches the mattress to avoid wobbling or instability. If you choose a heavy mattress, such as a super king size mattress, you will need a sturdy bed frame to support it. In addition, some mattress types (such as memory foam) may require a well-ventilated bed frame to prevent moisture build-up.

By following the buying and maintenance advice above, you can ensure that your mattress stays in top condition, providing you with long-lasting comfort and support. Remember, a good mattress is the key to investing in your health and well-being.


With this guide, we've explored the wide range of UK mattress sizes from single mattress to super king size mattress and how to choose the most suitable mattress for your individual needs, space conditions and budget. Remember, choosing the right mattress size is crucial to getting a good night's sleep. We hope this information and advice helps you find the perfect mattress to match your needs and enjoy a great night's sleep every night.

Thank you for reading and we hope you find the ideal companion for your mattress selection journey. Remember to consider all the important factors and choose the mattress that will provide you with the best sleep experience possible. We wish you good dreams!


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Q1: What are the common bed sizes available in the UK?
A1: In the UK, the common bed sizes are Single (90cm x 190cm), Small Double (120cm x 190cm), Double (135cm x 190cm), King Size (150cm x 200cm), and Super King Size (180cm x 200cm).

Q2: What size is a 3/4 bed in the UK in CM?
A2: A 3/4 bed, also known as a Small Double in the UK, measures approximately 120cm x 190cm.

Q3: Is a Queen bed bigger than a King bed?
A3: In the UK, the term Queen bed isn't commonly used; however, based on international standards, a King size bed is larger than a Queen size bed. The King size typically measures 150cm x 200cm, while Queen size dimensions can vary but are generally smaller.

Q4: What is the size of a King size bed in CM?
A4: A King size bed in the UK measures 150cm x 200cm.

Q5: Is the UK bed King or Queen size?
A5: In the UK, beds are commonly referred to as Single, Double, King, and Super King size. The term Queen size is not widely used. King size beds are a popular choice for couples seeking extra space and comfort.

Q6: How do I know which bed size is right for my room?
A6: To determine the best bed size for your room, measure your available space and ensure there is enough room around the bed for movement and additional furniture. Consider the room's layout and the bed's occupants when making your choice.

Q7: Can two adults comfortably sleep in a Double bed?
A7: Yes, two adults can comfortably sleep in a Double bed, which measures 135cm x 190cm. However, if you prefer more space, a King size bed may be a better option.

Q8: What are the dimensions of a Super King size bed?
A8: A Super King size bed in the UK measures 180cm x 200cm, offering ample space for individuals or couples who prefer more room to stretch out.

Q9: Are bed sizes in the UK the same as those in the US or Europe?
A9: No, bed sizes in the UK are different from those in the US and Europe. It's important to check specific dimensions as, for example, a UK King size is equivalent to a US Queen size.

Q10: What type of bed would you recommend for a guest room?
A10: For a guest room, a Double bed or a Small Double bed is usually sufficient, depending on the room size and the expected number of guests. A Small Double bed offers comfort while saving space, making it ideal for smaller rooms.

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