The Ideal Bed Size for Couples: Unveiling Comfort & Space


In the quest for a blissful night's sleep, couples often face the dilemma of choosing the perfect bed size that marries comfort with ample space. The decision is pivotal, not just for enhancing sleep quality but also for ensuring the bedroom remains a sanctuary for relaxation and intimacy. This guide delves into the most popular bed sizes among couples, offering insights to help you make an informed choice tailored to your unique needs.

1. Overview of mattress sizes

In the UK, mattresses come in a wide range of sizes to suit different lifestyles and space requirements. From spacious super king mattresses to small double mattresses for smaller spaces, each size has its own unique benefits. Understanding these different sizes will help you make a more informed choice.

  • Super King mattresses offer maximum sleeping space and are ideal for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and a spacious sleeping experience.
  • King mattresses are a commonly chosen size for couples, offering plenty of room without taking up too much space in the bedroom.
  • The double mattress is a classic choice for single adults or couples with limited space.
  • Small double mattresses are suitable for situations where space is very limited, offering more space than a single bed without taking up too much of a valuable bedroom area.

Understanding the features of each mattress size will make it easier for you to decide which size best suits your lifestyle and bedroom space.

Next, we'll delve into which size bed is best for couples and help lovers share a great night.


2. Which size bed is best for couples?

For couples, choosing the right mattress size is not only about the quality of sleep, but also affects their intimacy and daily interaction. In the UK, couples often consider the following sizes when choosing a mattress:

  • King mattress: 150cm wide and 200cm long, the king mattress is favoured by many couples for its spaciousness. It provides plenty of space for two people to sleep intimately, but also ensures that they have enough personal space for each other to minimise the disruption of turning over during the night.
  • Super King Mattress: 183cm wide and 200cm long, the Super King mattress is undoubtedly the best choice for couples looking for the ultimate spacious experience. Whether you're enjoying a lazy weekend morning or curling up with the kids to watch a film, the Super King mattress offers plenty of space.

While larger mattresses offer more space and comfort, couples should consider the size of their bedroom space before making a decision. Make sure you choose a mattress that not only meets your comfort needs, but also fits your living space.

Next, we'll explore average couples bed sizes to help you learn more about mattress size selection wisdom.

Ready to learn about the average choice of mattress size for couples? Follow us as we dive into the next section to discover more! 

3. what is the average size of a couples bed?

Knowing the average size of couples' beds on the market can be a useful point of reference when considering buying a new mattress. In the UK, the choice of couple's mattresses tends to favour the following two sizes:

  • King mattress: 150cm wide and 200cm long.Statistically, the king mattress is one of the most common sizes chosen by couples in the UK. It offers the right amount of space for comfort without taking up too much bedroom space, making it ideal for city flats and medium sized bedrooms.
  • Super King Mattress: 183cm wide, 200cm long The Super King mattress has become a popular choice for couples with more bedroom space, or those who want more personal space to sleep. Its spacious design is not only suitable for sleeping, but can also be used for reading, watching TV or sharing quality time with children.

Choosing the right mattress size involves considering several factors, including the size of the bedroom, individual sleeping habits, and budget. And knowing the average size can help couples make a more appropriate decision, ensuring they choose a mattress that meets both their sleep needs and fits their living space.

Next, let's explore the common question, "How big should a bed for two be?" This will help you further clarify the key points to consider when choosing a mattress.

Keep scrolling down for an in-depth look at how to choose the most appropriate mattress size for your specific needs, ensuring that both you and your partner enjoy a great night's sleep.


4. How big should a bed for two be?

When choosing a mattress for a couple or couples, it's vital to make sure that the size of the mattress is both comfortable and fits into the bedroom space. The ideal mattress size is not only about the quality of sleep, but also affects the layout and functionality of the bedroom.

  • Consider space and comfort: For most couples, a king mattress (150cm x 200cm) provides a golden centre point, with enough room to ensure that the two of them don't interfere with each other, without being too large and taking up too much bedroom space. For couples who prefer more space, or want a bed that doubles up as a cosy corner for reading or watching TV, the Super King (183cm x 200cm) is a better choice.
  • Bedroom size considerations: Before choosing a mattress, measure the size of your bedroom to ensure that the mattress is not only the right size for your current living environment, but also leaves enough room for other activities such as dressing and cleaning. Also, consider the placement of furniture such as nightstands and how the mattress size will affect the overall layout of the room.
  • Personal Preferences and Needs: Every couple has different sleeping habits and preferences. Some may prefer a close sleeping space to promote intimacy, while others may need more personal space because of their sleeping habits (e.g., frequent turning over). Therefore, understanding and communicating the needs of both parties is key to choosing the ideal mattress size.

Considering the above factors, the ideal size of a bed for two should be one that meets the sleep habits and comfort needs of both partners and fits into the bedroom space.

Next, we'll explore a frequently asked question, "Is a full-size bed right for couples?" This will help you understand whether a full-size mattress will meet the needs of a couple or a couple.

Read on to find out if a full-size mattress is right for you and your partner, and how to make the best choice among the many mattress sizes available.

5. Is a full-size bed right for couples?

Double mattresses, which typically measure 135cm x 190cm, are very common in UK homes. The suitability of choosing a full size mattress for a newlywed couple or couple is based on a few key factors:

  • Space utilisation: for smaller bedrooms or flats, a full-size mattress can be a space-saving option, leaving more room for movement in the bedroom. However, it may not provide enough comfort for someone who likes to roll over or needs more personal space.
  • Personal preference: Some couples prefer a more close-knit sleeping environment to promote intimacy at night. For these couples, a full-size mattress may be an appropriate choice. However, a more spacious mattress, such as a king or super king mattress, may be more appropriate for those who wish to enjoy some independence in their sleep.
  • Budget considerations: full-size mattresses are usually more affordable than queen-size mattresses for couples on a budget. Also, bedding and accessories are easier to find and relatively inexpensive.
  • Future planning: Considering possible future life changes, such as moving and expanding your family, choosing a full-size mattress may require consideration of these long-term factors. Space needs and personal preferences may change over time.

All in all, a full-size mattress can provide an affordable and space-efficient sleeping solution for couples, but suitability depends on personal preference, space size and future plans.

Next, to ensure you get value for money from your mattress investment, we offer a detailed mattress buying guide. This will help you consider all the important factors, from materials to support to budget, to ensure you make the most informed choice.


6. Mattress Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, it's especially important to make an informed choice considering that a mattress is where we spend a third of our lives. Here are some key factors to consider when buying a mattress:

  • Material Choice: Mattress material directly affects sleep quality and comfort. Common mattress types include memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid. Each material has its own unique benefits, such as memory foam providing excellent support and pressure relief, while latex is known for its durability and natural cooling properties.
  • Support: Good support is essential for maintaining spinal health. Choose a mattress that adapts to your body's curves and provides enough support to avoid waking up in the morning with back pain or discomfort.
  • Comfort: Comfort is a reflection of personal preference and different people may have different needs for mattress firmness. Whenever possible, test lie the mattress yourself to find the firmness level that suits you best before making a purchase.
  • Size: Ensure that the size of the mattress you choose is appropriate for your bedroom space and also meets the space needs of you and your partner. Review the previous size guide to make the right choice.
  • Budget: Mattress prices vary widely, set a reasonable budget and look for the best value for money based on that. Remember, a good mattress is a long-term investment, and you may want to increase your budget appropriately for the quality of your sleep.
  • Trial policies and guarantees: many mattress brands offer trial periods and long term guarantees, this gives you the opportunity to test whether the mattress is right for you and ensures long term satisfaction.

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  • Motion Isolation

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  • Orthopedic Wave Memory Foam

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Choosing the right mattress size is crucial to ensuring a good night's sleep. Whether it's a king mattress, a super king mattress, a full size mattress, or a small double mattress, understanding the benefits and limitations of each, combined with your personal needs and preferences, is key to making an informed choice. Remember, a proper mattress not only enhances the quality of your sleep, but also improves your quality of life.

Now that you have all the necessary information, it's time to choose the perfect mattress for yourself and your loved ones and share sweet, cosy nights.


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Q1: Which bed size is best for couples?
A1: The best bed size for couples tends to be a 5FT UK King (150 x 200cm). It offers ample space for both individuals to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other.

Q2: What is the average size bed for a couple?
A2: The average size bed for a couple is typically a UK King size, measuring 150 x 200cm. This size balances space and comfort, making it a popular choice.

Q3: How big should a 2 person bed be?
A3: A 2 person bed should be spacious enough to accommodate both individuals comfortably. A UK King size (150 x 200cm) is generally considered ideal, providing sufficient space for two.

Q4: Is a full size bed good for couples?
A4: A full-size bed, also known as a double bed (135 x 190cm), can be suitable for couples, especially those with limited space. However, for optimal comfort, a UK King size is recommended.

Q5: Does the Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress come in sizes suitable for couples?
A5: Yes, the Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress is available in a 5FT UK King size (150 x 200cm), which is perfect for couples looking for a comfortable night's sleep.

Q6: What makes the Suilong Mattress ideal for couples?
A6: The Suilong Mattress features edge-to-edge support and medium tension, ideal for any sleeping position. Its 3 zone, pocket-spring system, and innovative memory foam adapt to body shapes for ultimate comfort, making it perfect for couples.

Q7: How does the Suilong Mattress handle motion transfer?
A7: Thanks to its hundreds of individually wrapped spring coils and high-density sponge layer, the Suilong Mattress excels in isolating motion, ensuring that partners do not disturb each other with nighttime movements.

Q8: Can the Suilong Mattress accommodate different sleeping positions?
A8: Absolutely. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or front, the Suilong Mattress provides excellent support, ensuring you wake up without any pain or aches, thanks to its tailored comfort.

Q9: Is the cover of the Suilong Mattress hypoallergenic?
A9: Yes, the Suilong Mattress features a soft, hypoallergenic knitted cover made from breathable fabric interwoven with cotton thread, protecting against dust and allergens for a healthier sleep environment.

Q10: How can I try the Suilong Mattress before making a purchase?
A10: Suilong offers a lengthy 101-day at-home trial for the 20cm Hybrid Mattress, allowing you to fully acclimate to your new mattress and ensure it meets your comfort needs before committing.

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