Small Double vs. Double Mattresses: Find Your Perfect Fit


When it comes to selecting the ideal mattress, understanding the nuances between small double and double mattresses can significantly impact your sleep quality and bedroom space. This guide delves into the key differences, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your sleep habits and room size. Join us as we explore the dimensions, benefits, and considerations to ensure you select the mattress that best fits your needs, ensuring restful nights and optimised bedroom space.

1. Mattress sizes in detail

Small double mattress overview

The small double mattress, usually 120 to 135 cm wide, is ideal for use in small spaces. It provides ample sleeping space for a single person and is also suitable for those wishing to save space. This size mattress is particularly suitable for student halls of residence, small flats or as a long-term investment for a child's bedroom.

Twin mattress overview

Double mattresses are approximately 135 to 150cm wide, providing a more spacious sleeping area. This size of mattress is suitable for adult couples and is also ideal for single adults who want more room to stretch out. Double mattresses are a common choice in modern family bedrooms, fulfilling a practical need as well as providing a comfortable sleeping experience.

Next, we'll look at whether a small double mattress is adequate for two people to sleep on, and how to choose the right mattress size for you.

2. Suitability for use of a small double mattress

Can a small double bed sleep two people?

Small double mattresses, while designed to save space, can accommodate two adults when necessary. However, this may sacrifice a certain level of comfort as there is less space available for each person. The small double size can be used in emergencies if the two people are smaller, or if they are only sharing the mattress temporarily. However, for long-term co-sleeping, especially for couples seeking a comfortable night's sleep, a standard double or larger size mattress is more ideal.

How to choose the right size mattress?

When choosing a mattress, consider the size of the room, individual sleeping habits and whether you share a bed. Measure the room to make sure the mattress is the right size, while leaving enough space for daily activities. Consider individual sleeping habits, such as how often you turn over and the position you sleep in, to ensure that the mattress you choose provides adequate space and support.

Next, we'll explore the key points of matching the size of your mattress to your bed frame to ensure that your choice not only meets your personal needs, but also harmonises with your bedroom furniture.


3. Matching mattresses to bed frames

Matching the size of your mattress to the size of your bed frame

When choosing the right mattress, matching the size of the bed frame is an important part of the process. Ideally, the mattress should fit the frame perfectly, neither too big nor too small. A mattress that is too large will make it difficult to fit into the bed frame, while one that is too small will move around within the bed frame, affecting the experience and quality of sleep. Ensure that you accurately measure the internal dimensions of your bed frame before purchasing a mattress so that you can choose one that fits just right and avoid unnecessary hassle and extra expense.

Next, we'll discuss in depth whether a double mattress is right for a couple and how to choose the ideal mattress size for a couple's specific needs.

4. Mattress sizes for couples

Is a double mattress right for couples?

A double mattress is often considered ideal for couples to share, as it offers more space than a small double mattress. However, suitability also requires consideration of individual sleeping habits and body size. Couples who prefer more personal space or a larger frame may need to consider a wider mattress, such as a king size mattress. Evaluate the sleeping habits of both you and your partner to ensure that the mattress you choose provides enough comfortable space and support for both.

Choosing the ideal mattress size

Couples should consider personal comfort and sleep quality when choosing a mattress. If room space permits, a larger mattress size (e.g. queen size or king size) can provide a superior sleeping experience. Also, considering long-term use, it is crucial to choose a good quality, durable mattress brand and material.

Next, we'll discuss what size mattress two adults need to sleep and how to choose the right mattress for your individual needs.

5. Choosing mattress size for adults

What size bed do two adults need?

For two adults, choosing the right mattress size is key to ensuring a good quality of sleep. Typically, a double mattress is considered the smallest acceptable option, but for those who want more personal space, a larger mattress such as a super king size or king size may be more appropriate. Not only will this help to minimise interruptions to each other during the night, but it will also provide more space for comfort, especially for larger or more active sleepers.

How to choose the right mattress for your individual needs

When choosing a mattress, consider your body size, sleeping habits and whether you share your bed. Make sure the mattress provides enough space for you to move around freely without disturbing your bed-mate. Also, consider the support, materials and durability of the mattress to ensure long-term comfort and health support.

Next, we'll dive into how to choose a high-quality mattress on a budget and anticipate long-term needs to ensure you're getting value for your investment.


6. Mattress Buying Guide

Budget Considerations and Quality Choices

Budget is an important consideration in the mattress buying process. However, finding a quality mattress should not be based on price alone. Cheap mattresses may seem like a good deal initially, but in the long run, the low quality may lead to poor sleep and the need for frequent replacements. Investing in a high-quality mattress can lead to better sleep quality and a longer lifespan, resulting in cost savings in the long run. When choosing a mattress, consider the material, manufacturer's reputation, warranty, and user reviews.

Forecasting Long-Term Demand

It is vital to consider long-term needs when purchasing a mattress. Evaluate how your living situation will change over the next few years. Whether you plan to move, add or subtract family members, or have changes in your health should influence your mattress choice. Choosing a mattress that can adapt to your changing long-term needs will avoid having to make another expensive purchase in the short term.


In summary, choosing the right mattress requires consideration of a variety of factors, including size, comfort, budget and long-term needs. Whether it's a small double mattress or a twin mattress, the right choice should fit your lifestyle, space needs and finances. Digging deeper and considering these factors can help you make an informed decision to invest in a mattress that will provide long-term comfort and support.


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Q1: Can 2 people comfortably sleep on a small double bed?
A1: While it is possible for two people to sleep on a small double bed, it can be tight, especially if both individuals prefer more space. It’s adequate for occasional use or for those who don’t mind close quarters.

Q2: How do you choose the right size bed for your room?
A2: Measure your room’s dimensions and ensure there's enough space to move around the bed comfortably. Consider the bed's purpose and the sleeper's size; larger rooms and couples might benefit from a bigger bed, such as a double or king-size.

Q3: Should the mattress be smaller than the bed frame?
A3: The mattress should fit the bed frame snugly without any overhang. A mattress that’s too small for the bed frame can shift and lead to an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Q4: Is a double bed too small for a couple to sleep in comfortably?
A4: For couples who like to have ample personal space while sleeping, a double bed might feel cramped. Many couples opt for a king-size bed to ensure both individuals have enough space.

Q5: What size bed do most couples prefer?
A5: Many couples prefer a king-size bed because it offers ample space for both individuals to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other.

Q6: What size bed is recommended for two adults?
A6: A queen-size bed is often recommended for two adults, as it provides sufficient space for both to sleep comfortably, balancing personal space and closeness.

Q7: How important is bed size in achieving a good night's sleep?
A7: Bed size is crucial as it affects comfort, freedom of movement, and overall sleep quality. Ensuring enough space can reduce disturbances and contribute to deeper, more restful sleep.

Q8: Can a small double bed fit in a small bedroom without compromising comfort?
A8: Yes, a small double bed can fit in a small bedroom, providing a balance between sleeping space and room functionality. It’s essential to consider the remaining area for movement and furniture.

Q9: Are there any special considerations for selecting a mattress for a couple with different sleeping habits?
A9: Yes, couples with different sleeping habits should consider a mattress that offers medium firmness to cater to various preferences, or a mattress with dual firmness levels, allowing each side to be customized to individual comfort needs.

Q10: How does one ensure the longevity of a new mattress regardless of its size?
A10: To ensure the longevity of a new mattress, use a protective cover, rotate it regularly, and ensure it is supported by a proper bed base to prevent sagging and uneven wear.

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