Should I Get A Double Or King Size Bed?


Explore the pros and cons of double vs king size beds in the UK, including space, comfort, and cost considerations. Essential guide for making the right choice.

1. What are double and king size mattresses?

Choosing the right mattress size is crucial to ensuring a good night's sleep. This section will detail the features of double and king size mattresses to help you make an informed choice.

Overview of double bed sizes

Double beds, which are typically 4ft 6in (137cm) wide, are the ideal choice for smaller bedrooms or single adults. Mattresses of this size provide plenty of space for individuals, while ensuring that the bedroom does not appear overcrowded. For first-time buyers or renters, a double bed is a very practical option due to its modest size and relatively low cost.

Overview of king size mattress sizes

Often 5ft (152cm) wide or larger, king size mattresses offer the perfect option for those seeking ultimate comfort and expansive space. Particularly suited to couples who need the extra space, or those individuals who like to enjoy a luxurious experience whilst sleeping. King size mattresses are also ideal for families with young children who often climb into their parents' beds to sleep.

Key points of difference analysed

The main differences between twin and king size mattresses are size and space. King size mattresses offer more sleeping space for sleepers who enjoy room to stretch out and roll over. In contrast, twin beds are more suitable for single adults or bedrooms with limited space due to their smaller size. When making your choice, consider the size of the mattress in addition to the size of the room, your personal sleeping habits, and your budget.

Let's dive into the advantages and disadvantages of king and twin beds and how to make a choice based on your specific needs.


2. King size beds and twin beds: which is better?

When choosing a mattress size, it's crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of twin and king size mattresses. This section will help you weigh these two mattress sizes from different perspectives in order to make the best choice for you.

Space and comfort considerations

Twin mattresses offer a suitable solution for single adults or small bedrooms, being space-saving and economically priced. However, for those who prefer to have more room to turn over in their sleep, a king size mattress certainly offers a higher level of comfort. King size mattresses are particularly suitable for couples as they allow both people to sleep in the bed at the same time without disturbing each other.

Suitable for people and lifestyles

Twin beds are suitable for single adults, students or home buyers on a limited budget. Twin beds are also ideal for smaller flats or shared houses. In contrast, king size mattresses are more suitable for couples with a stable living situation or individuals seeking a comfortable lifestyle.

Price and Budget Considerations

Typically, king size mattresses will cost more than double mattresses. It is important to consider your budget before deciding on a purchase. Double mattresses are a great option for homebuyers on a budget due to their more affordable price and size flexibility. However, if your budget allows, investing in a king size mattress will provide you with a higher quality of sleep and comfort.

Moving forward, let's explore whether or not it's worth upgrading to a king-sized mattress and what factors to consider when making that decision.

3. Is it worth upgrading to a king size mattress?

Upgrading to a king size mattress is an important decision that involves comfort, space utilisation, and financial considerations. The following points can help you determine whether or not you should make this upgrade.

Benefits of Upgrading

The main benefits of upgrading to a king size mattress are the added space and comfort. This is especially important for sleepers or couples who turn over frequently, as it provides more personal space and reduces the likelihood of disturbing each other. Additionally, for families, a king size mattress can easily accommodate the occasional addition of a child.

Factors to consider when upgrading

When considering an upgrade, it's important to consider your bedroom space. A king-size mattress requires more space, so making sure your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it is key. Additionally, consider the handling and installation of the mattress, especially in the case of narrow walkways and stairs.

Analysing the cost of upgrading

While king-size mattresses may have a higher initial cost, they offer better sleep quality and comfort in the long run. Weigh the purchase and maintenance costs against your budget before making a decision. Considering that a mattress is a long-term investment, investing in a high-quality king-sized mattress can be a wise choice.

Next, we'll explore the potential issues with king size mattresses in depth so that you have a full understanding when making your purchasing decision.

4. Potential problems with king size mattresses

While king size mattresses offer significant advantages in terms of comfort and space, there are some potential issues to consider before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Impact of Space Constraints

A king size mattress requires more bedroom space. In smaller bedrooms, it may stand out or take up too much space, limiting the placement of other furniture and the overall layout of the bedroom. Make sure you measure your bedroom space before deciding to buy to ensure the mattress matches the room dimensions.

Difficulty in maintenance and cleaning

Due to their size, king size mattresses can be more challenging to maintain and clean on a daily basis than twin mattresses. Changing sheets and cleaning requires more effort and time, especially for one person. It may also be more difficult to move and turn the mattress due to its larger size.

Considerations for choosing the right bed frame and bedding

A king size mattress requires a corresponding size bed frame and bedding. This means you may need to invest in a new bed frame and larger sized bedding, such as sheets, comforter sets, and more. When choosing a bed frame, it's also important to consider its style and material to ensure that it coordinates with your bedroom décor.

With an understanding of the potential problems with king-size mattresses, we'll then discuss how to choose the right mattress size for you, including a personal needs assessment and bedroom layout planning.


5. How to choose the right mattress size for you

When choosing a mattress size, it is vital to consider your personal needs and lifestyle. The following points will help you make the best choice for your individual needs.

Personal Needs Assessment

The first thing to consider when choosing a mattress is your personal needs. If you are single or have limited space, a double mattress may be ideal. For individuals with a partner or those who prefer a spacious sleeping area, a king-size mattress is more appropriate. Also, consider your sleeping habits, such as whether you turn over frequently and whether you have children or pets who often share your bed.

Bedroom Layout Planning

Considering the layout of your bedroom is just as important for choosing a mattress size. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your bedroom to determine which size mattress will work best. Also, consider the space around the mattress to ensure there is enough room for other furniture such as bedside tables and wardrobes.

Long-term investment and usage considerations

A mattress is a long-term investment, so it's important to consider its durability and quality when making your choice. A high-quality mattress is a higher initial investment, but provides better quality and longevity of sleep in the long run. Additionally, consider the maintenance and cleaning needs of your mattress to ensure you can maintain it over time.

Choosing the right mattress size for you is an important decision that involves a number of considerations such as comfort, space and budget. We hope the above advice helps you find the best mattress for your needs.


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Q1: Is a king size bed too large for a small bedroom?
A1: A king size bed might be overwhelming in a small bedroom, as it requires significant space. It's important to measure your room before deciding, ensuring there's enough space for other furniture and comfortable movement around the bed.

Q2: How much more does a king size mattress typically cost compared to a double?
A2: The cost of a king size mattress can be notably higher than a double. The price difference varies based on brand and quality, but expect to pay a premium for the additional size and comfort.

Q3: Are king size beds suitable for single sleepers, or are they too big?
A3: While a king size bed can certainly be enjoyed by a single sleeper who prefers more space, it might be more than necessary. Personal preference and available room space should guide this choice.

Q4: What are the standard dimensions for a double and a king size bed in the UK?
A4: In the UK, a standard double bed is typically 4 feet 6 inches (137 cm) wide, while a king size bed is 5 feet (152 cm) wide. Length can vary but is generally around 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm).

Q5: Can I fit a king size bed in a room that currently fits a double?
A5: It depends on the room's dimensions and layout. Consider not just the size of the bed, but also the additional space needed for comfortable access and other furniture.

Q6: Is a king size bed more difficult to maintain and clean than a double?
A6: Due to its larger size, a king size bed can be more challenging to clean and maintain. Fitting sheets and manoeuvring the mattress may require extra effort.

Q7: What are the key benefits of upgrading from a double to a king size bed?
A7: The primary benefits include more sleeping space, increased comfort, especially for couples, and potentially better sleep quality due to less disturbance from a sleeping partner.

Q8: Does a king size bed require special types of bedding and accessories?
A8: Yes, a king size bed requires larger bedding, including sheets, duvets, and mattress protectors. Ensure you purchase bedding specifically designed for king size dimensions.

Q9: What factors should I consider if I'm undecided between a double and a king size bed?
A9: Consider your room size, personal and partner's sleeping habits, future lifestyle changes (like moving or family planning), and budget.

Q10: Are there significant differences in the variety of styles and materials available for double and king size beds?
A10: Both double and king size beds come in a wide range of styles and materials. However, some bespoke or designer options may be more readily available in king size due to the market demand for luxury in larger bed sizes.

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