UK Mattress Size Explained: Is 2000mm x 1500mm Single or Double?

Mattress Size

In the quest for the perfect night's sleep, understanding UK mattress size is paramount. The dimensions 2000mm x 1500mm often spark confusion - is it suited for a single sleeper or does it qualify as a double mattress? Our comprehensive guide demystifies UK mattress sizes, ensuring you make an informed choice for your sleeping comfort.

1. Mattress Size Basics

Mattress Size Overview

Before deciding on a new mattress, it's important to understand the different mattress sizes and who they're for. single mattresses are usually suitable for single adults or children, and they take up less space, making them ideal for rooms where space is limited. small double mattresses offer an ideal option for couples or single adults who are looking to save space without sacrificing comfort. Small double mattresses are ideal for couples or single adults who want to save space without sacrificing comfort. The double mattress is a standard choice in many homes, providing enough room for two people to rest comfortably.

For those seeking a more spacious sleeping experience, king size mattresses and super king size mattresses are an even better choice. Not only do they offer more room to turn over, but they also allow you and your partner to enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep.

International differences in mattress sizes

It's worth noting that mattress sizes vary from country to country. For example, king size mattresses in the UK are not exactly the same size as those in the US or Europe. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you are aware of sizing standards when making a purchase, especially when buying a mattress online from a multinational brand.

Read on as we delve deeper into the characteristics of a 2000mm*1500mm mattress and how to tell if this is the ideal choice for you. Don't miss out on the highlights and let's find the perfect mattress size for you.

Mattress Size

2. An in-depth look at the 2000mm*1500mm mattress

When we explore a mattress of the specific size of 2000mm*1500mm, many of you may be wondering whether this size is suitable for a single person or two people sharing? In fact, this size of mattress provides enough space for two adults to comfortably share, and it is part of the king size mattresses category, which is particularly suitable for sleepers who are looking for extra comfort and space.

Positioning and suitability of 2000mm*1500mm mattresses

With its spacious dimensions, the 2000mm*1500mm mattress is the first choice for those who are looking for the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience. This size mattress is not only suitable for home use, but also ideal for single adults who wish to enhance their sleep quality and enjoy spacious sleeping space.

Considerations for choosing a 2000mm*1500mm mattress

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a mattress of this size:

  • Space suitability: make sure you have enough space in your bedroom to accommodate this large mattress, while still leaving enough room to move around.
  • Usage requirements: Consider your actual usage requirements, whether you often have a partner or children in bed with you, or whether you prefer more personal space during sleep.
  • Budget factor: King size mattresses and their variants are usually more expensive than double mattresses or small double mattresses, so budget is also a factor to consider.
  • Matching bed frames: Make sure that the bed frame you already have or plan to buy matches the size of the mattress before you buy it to avoid unnecessary hassle.

What follows is a series of buying guides and tips to ensure you get the best mattress for your needs. We'll delve into how to avoid common buying mistakes and how to maintain your mattress to extend its life. Stay tuned and make an informed choice for your quality of sleep.

Mattress Size

3. Buying Guidelines and Advice

How to choose the right mattress

Choosing the right mattress is crucial to ensuring a good night's sleep. Here are some key factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Comfort: Everyone has different preferences; some people prefer a hard mattress while others prefer a soft one. Try experiencing different types of mattresses in a brick and mortar shop to find the level of comfort that works best for you.
  • Support: Good support ensures that all parts of your body are properly supported to avoid back pain when you wake up in the morning.
  • Material: The material of your mattress directly affects breathability, durability and comfort. Common mattress materials include memory foam, latex, and springs.
  • Budget: Determine the budget you are willing to invest in a new mattress. While higher-priced mattresses typically offer better quality and comfort, there are many cost-effective options on the market.

Common Misconceptions When Buying a Mattress

When buying a mattress, many people may fall prey to common misconceptions, such as believing that the most expensive mattress is the best for them, or overlooking the fact that the fit of the mattress does not match their actual needs. Understanding these misconceptions and avoiding them will help you make a more informed choice.

Mattress Care and Maintenance Advice

To extend the life of your mattress, proper care and maintenance is essential. Regularly flipping or rotating your mattress, using a mattress protector, and keeping your mattress clean are all great ways to maintain your mattress.

Conclusion: Choose the right mattress and enjoy a good night's sleep!

By delving into the basics of mattress sizing, acquiring selection and purchasing tips, and taking the right care measures, you'll be able to choose the right mattress for you and your family, and enjoy a more comfortable and healthy sleep experience. Remember, investing in the right mattress is an investment in your health and well-being.

Now that you're equipped with all the knowledge you need to choose the ideal mattress, it's time to take action and choose the perfect mattress for you and your family. Happy shopping and enjoy every good night!


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Q1: How many metres is a double bed?
A1: A standard double bed in the UK measures approximately 1.35 metres in width by 1.9 metres in length.

Q2: What size is a single mattress?
A2: In the UK, a single mattress size is typically 90 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

Q3: How many cm is a full double mattress?
A3: A full double mattress, also known as a standard double in the UK, is usually 135 cm wide and 190 cm long.

Q4: What is the cm of a double size bed?
A4: The dimensions of a double size bed in centimetres are generally 135 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

Q5: What's the difference between a king size and a super king size mattress?
A5: A king size mattress in the UK measures 150 cm in width and 200 cm in length, while a super king size mattress is larger, measuring 180 cm in width and 200 cm in length.

Q6: Can two adults comfortably sleep on a small double mattress?
A6: A small double mattress, measuring 120 cm in width, can accommodate two adults but offers a cosier sleeping space compared to a standard double mattress.

Q7: Is a single mattress suitable for an adult?
A7: Yes, a single mattress, with its dimensions of 90 cm by 190 cm, is suitable for an adult, particularly for those with limited space or who prefer more room around their bed.

Q8: How do I choose the right mattress size for my room?
A8: Consider the room's dimensions, the bed's occupancy (single or shared), and ensure there's ample space around the bed for movement. It's wise to leave at least 60 cm of space on all sides of the bed for ease of access.

Q9: Are mattress sizes standardised across different countries?
A9: No, mattress sizes can vary significantly between countries. It's essential to check the specific dimensions provided by mattress retailers in your country before making a purchase.

Q10: How should I measure my room to fit a new bed?
A10: Measure the length and width of your room, ensuring to account for any additional furniture. Consider the bed orientation and ensure there's enough clearance for doors and drawers to open, aiming for at least 60-75 cm of free space around the bed.

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