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Discover the perfect fit with our comprehensive UK Mattress Size Guide. Explore sizes from small single to super king, with expert tips on selection and care.

1. UK mattress size basics

Choosing the right mattress size in the UK is key to ensuring a good night's sleep and a comfortable home environment. Understanding the different mattress sizes and their features can help you make an informed choice.

Mattress sizes at a glance

Mattresses in the UK come in a range of sizes, from a small single mattress at 2'6" to a super king size at 6'0". Each size is designed for a specific use scenario, catering for different individuals and families. For example, a small single mattress is suitable for children or small spaces used by a single person, while a super king size mattress is suitable for couples who wish to enjoy a spacious sleeping area.

Size Comparison

When choosing a mattress, it's important to consider size comparisons. For example, the difference between a standard double mattress (4'6") and a queen mattress (5'0") may seem insignificant, but in reality, those extra inches can greatly affect sleep quality and comfort.

The Importance of Size Selection

The right mattress size not only affects the quality of sleep, but also the efficient use of space in the bedroom. A mattress that's too big can make a small bedroom seem cramped, while one that's too small can compromise sleep comfort and health.

Next, let's take a deeper look at various mattress sizes and learn about the different benefits they bring to your sleep and home life.

Mattress Size

2. Mattress Sizes Explained

For consumers who are looking for the ideal mattress, it's important to understand the features and scenarios for each mattress size. Let's dive in and help you find the perfect mattress for your individual needs.

Super King Size Mattresses 6'0 - Made for Extra Space

Super King Size mattresses offer unrivalled spaciousness, perfect for sleepers who like to turn over or need extra space. This size mattress is designed for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

King Size Mattresses 5'0 - The Spacious Option

The King Size Mattress offers plenty of space for sleepers and is also perfect for outfitting a modern bedroom design. It is ideal for consumers who want to strike a balance between comfort and space utilisation.

Double Mattresses 4'6 - A comfortable choice for two people

The standard double mattress is one of the most popular choices, offering plenty of space for couples whilst also being suitable for singles, especially those who like to enjoy more space whilst sleeping.

Now, let's move on to more compact mattress options and explore those tailored for smaller spaces.

3. Compact mattress size options

For homes with limited space, choosing the right size mattress is equally important. Below is an in-depth analysis of small mattresses designed to help you optimise your bedroom space while ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

Small Double Mattresses 4'0 - Ideal for those with limited space

Small double mattresses are designed for consumers who have limited space but still want the comfort of a double mattress. They are perfect for small bedrooms, guest rooms or flats.

Single Mattresses 3'0 - The Standard Choice for Single Mattresses

Single mattresses are the most popular choice for single people, children or any situation where space is limited. They are economical and practical while providing plenty of comfort.

Small Single Mattresses 2'6 - perfect for compact spaces

Small single mattresses are ideal for very small spaces, such as student halls of residence or small bedrooms. They save space while providing plenty of comfort and support.

Next, we'll answer some common questions about mattress sizes in the UK to help you better understand and choose the right mattress size.

4. Frequently asked questions about mattress sizes

When buying a mattress, consumers often have many questions. Below, we will provide detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about UK mattress sizes to help you make an informed decision.

What are UK mattress sizes?

Mattress sizes in the UK range from small single mattresses (2'6") to super king size mattresses (6'0"), catering for a variety of different needs and preferences. Knowing the exact dimensions and recommended uses for each size can help you find the best mattress for you.

Difference between Queen and King mattresses

A Queen size mattress is not a standard size in the UK, it usually refers to a King Size or larger. In contrast, a King Size mattress (5'0") usually offers more space and is more suited to sleepers who need the extra space.

How do I measure my mattress size correctly?

Measuring your mattress size correctly is key to ensuring your mattress fits your bed frame and bedroom space. You can do this by using a tape measure to measure from one end of the mattress to the other, recording the length and width at the same time, making sure that the mattress is flat and pressure free when you measure.

With a better understanding of mattress sizes, we will then discuss how to buy the right UK mattress for your individual needs and preferences.

Mattress Size

5. A guide to buying a UK mattress

Choosing the right mattress is an important decision, not only in terms of the quality of your sleep, but also in terms of the overall aesthetics and functionality of your home. Here are some practical tips when buying a UK mattress.

Choose a mattress size based on space

Before choosing a mattress, it's vital to measure your bedroom space. Ensure that you leave enough space for walking around and places to put other furniture. Choose a mattress size that matches the dimensions of your bedroom to optimise the efficient use of space.

Budget and Mattress Selection

Mattress prices vary by size, material and brand. Determine your budget and find a mattress that meets your needs within that range. Remember, investing in a high-quality mattress is essential to ensure a long and comfortable night's sleep.

Mattress Brands and Quality

Research different mattress brands and the quality of their products. Read consumer reviews and consider the support, comfort and durability of the mattress. Choosing a reputable brand will ensure that you get value for your investment.

Having mastered how to choose the right mattress, let's move on to learn how to maintain and care for your mattress to prolong its life.

6. Mattress Maintenance and Care

Once you have the right mattress, maintenance and care is the key to long-term comfort and longevity. The right care not only improves the quality of your sleep, but also ensures that your mattress stays in tip-top condition.

Tips to extend the life of your mattress

Regularly turning or rotating your mattress will prevent indentations caused by using the same part for a long period of time. Using a mattress protector will prevent stains and dirt from building up, extending the cleanliness and life of your mattress.

When to replace your mattress

Generally, mattresses need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. If you begin to feel that your sleep is no longer comfortable, or if your mattress is showing significant wear and tear, it may be time to replace it.

Eco-friendly used mattress disposal

It's vital to consider eco-friendly options when disposing of your old mattress. You can contact your local recycling centre to find out if there is a mattress recycling scheme, or look for charities to donate mattresses that are still in good condition.

With the above guide, you should now have a thorough understanding of UK mattress sizes and know how to choose, use and maintain the right mattress. We hope this information helps you to make an informed choice and enjoy a better quality sleep experience.



Q1: What are the standard mattress sizes available in the UK?

A1: In the UK, standard mattress sizes range from small single (2'6") to super king size (6'0"). Each size caters to different space requirements and personal preferences.

Q2: Is a UK queen mattress larger than a king size?

A2: In the UK, the term 'queen size' is not commonly used. The king size (5'0") is one of the larger standard sizes, typically larger than a double but smaller than a super king.

Q3: What dimensions does a UK queen size bed typically have?

A3: The term 'queen size' is more commonly used in the US and may refer to a UK king size bed, which measures 5'0" in width.

Q4: How can I determine the right mattress size for my bed frame?

A4: Measure the length and width of your bed frame. Compare these measurements with standard UK mattress sizes to find the best fit. Remember to leave some space for bedding and movement.

Q5: How often should I replace my mattress?

A5: Generally, it's recommended to replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years. However, this can vary depending on the quality and type of mattress, as well as individual usage patterns.

Q6: What should I do with my old mattress when I get a new one?

A6: Consider environmentally friendly options, such as recycling or donating your old mattress if it's still in good condition. Check with local charities or recycling centres for their policies.

Q7: Can a king size mattress fit in a smaller bedroom?

A7: It depends on the dimensions of your bedroom. A king size mattress requires ample space, not just for the bed but also for easy movement around the room.

Q8: Are there special considerations for maintaining a super king size mattress?

A8: Like all mattresses, super king sizes should be regularly rotated or flipped to prevent uneven wear. Additionally, using a mattress protector can help maintain its condition.

Q9: How do I know if a mattress is too small or too large for me?

A9: Your mattress should allow you to lie flat without any part of your body overhanging, and without feeling cramped. If sharing, you and your partner should be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and elbows out, without touching.

Q10: Is it better to buy a mattress online or in-store?

A10: Both options have their benefits. Buying in-store allows you to try before you buy, while online purchases often come with a trial period. Consider your comfort preferences, return policies, and convenience when deciding.

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