How Big Is A Super King Size Bed Uk


Discover the ideal mattress size for your comfort with our comprehensive guide on UK mattress dimensions, comparing Super King Size to other sizes for the perfect sleep.

1. What is a Super King Size Bed?

Super King Size Bed Size Specification

When talking about the Super King Size mattress in the UK, we first need to clarify its dimensions. The standard size of this mattress is 6ft wide (approximately 182cm), which provides a generous amount of sleeping space and is particularly suited to sleepers who are looking for extra comfort and space. This size mattress is designed to cater for homes with larger space requirements and is ideal for master bedrooms.

How to Choose the Right Super King Size Bed

Choosing the right Super King Size mattress isn't just about size; it's also about the size of the room, your personal sleeping habits and the material of the mattress. Ideal for families with spacious bedrooms, a Super King Size mattress not only provides plenty of space, but also unrivalled comfort. When making your choice, it is equally important to consider the supportive, breathable and durable nature of the mattress.

Advantages of Super King Size Bed

The main advantage of a Super King Size mattress is its spaciousness, which provides sleepers with a greater range of movement, especially for those who like to roll over or need more space. Additionally, for consumers who demand a higher quality of sleep, a mattress of this size can provide a better sleep experience with fewer nighttime awakenings.

Next, we'll dive into the differences between Super King Size mattresses and other mattress sizes, as well as how they compare to each other. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best mattress size for you.


2. Super King Size vs. King Size Mattresses

Size comparison: Super King Size vs King Size

In the UK market, King Size mattresses are typically sized at 5ft wide (approximately 152cm), whereas Super King Size mattresses are 6ft wide (approximately 182cm). This difference in size means that the Super King Size mattress offers users more lateral space, which is particularly important when sharing a bed as it reduces the likelihood of both parties interfering with each other.

Scenario Analysis

King Size mattresses, due to their relatively modest size, are more suitable for bedrooms with limited space or for those sleepers who don't need much extra space. Super King Size mattresses, on the other hand, are more suitable for those who have a large enough bedroom space, especially for families or couples who have high demands on sleep quality.

Price and Quality Comparison

Typically, Super King Size mattresses are slightly more expensive than King Size mattresses due to their larger size. However, the price difference often reflects a different sleep experience. When considering your budget, you should not only consider price, but also the comfort, materials and durability of the mattress.

We will now turn to exploring the largest mattress sizes available on the UK market. Find out what kind of mattress will provide the ultimate in comfort for your bedroom.

3. what are the largest mattress sizes available in the uk?

Exploring the limits of mattress sizes in the UK

In the UK market, the largest mattress size is usually the Super King Size, which is 6ft wide (approximately 182cm). However, certain bespoke mattress brands may offer larger sizes, such as 7ft or 8ft wide mattresses, to meet the needs of specific customers. These mattresses offer unprecedented spaciousness for exceptionally large bedrooms or for those consumers seeking the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Features and Benefits of Full Size Mattresses

The main advantage of a king size mattress is its unrivalled space and comfort. This type of mattress provides the sleeper with extensive personal space, which improves the quality of sleep by reducing the disturbances associated with co-sleeping. Additionally, queen size mattresses are often made with high-end materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that ensure superior support and durability.

How to set up a bedroom with a full-size mattress

After choosing a full-size mattress, the bedroom layout should consider enough surrounding space to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the room. It is recommended to keep at least 2 feet (about 60cm) of space around the mattress for walking and furniture placement. At the same time, the overall style of the bedroom and the design of the mattress should be coordinated to create a harmonious and comfortable sleeping environment.

Next, we'll explore in more detail whether a Super King Size mattress is really bigger than a King Size, and the actual differences between these two sizes. Read on to find the perfect mattress for you.

4. Is a Super King Size mattress bigger than a King Size?

Size and Space Utilisation Comparison

Super King Size mattresses do, in fact, appear to be larger in size than King Size mattresses.Super King Size mattresses are typically 6 feet (about 182 cm) wide, while King Size mattresses are 5 feet (about 152 cm) wide. This extra foot of width provides a more spacious sleeping area, especially for sleepers who need more room or who turn over frequently.

The importance of choosing the right size mattress

When choosing a mattress, it's vital to consider individual sleeping habits and room space. For homes with larger bedrooms, a Super King Size mattress is a luxurious and practical option. For rooms with less space, a King Size mattress may be a more appropriate choice that saves space and provides adequate comfort.

Considerations for Buying a Super King Size Mattress

There are several key factors to consider before deciding to buy a Super King Size mattress, such as the size of the bedroom, the price of the mattress and the ease of handling and installation. It is also important to consider the size of the sheets and bedspreads, as Super King Size mattresses require a specific size of bedding.

Now, let's explore the differences between Super King Size mattresses and Queen Size mattresses, as well as their respective features and benefits. Find out which mattress size best suits your needs.


5. Super King Size mattress vs Queen Size mattress

Size and comfort comparison

Queen Size mattresses are not a common standard size in the UK market, a term usually associated with international sizes, similar to King Size mattresses in the UK. In terms of size, the Super King Size mattress (6ft wide) is clearly more spacious than the Queen Size mattress (typically 5ft wide). This extra width not only provides more sleeping space, but also increases overall comfort, especially for sleepers who need more personal space.

The best choice for different needs

When choosing a mattress, there are trade-offs to be made based on individual needs and bedroom conditions. If space permits, the Super King Size mattress certainly offers a more luxurious and spacious sleeping experience. However, for those with smaller bedrooms or limited budgets, a Queen Size mattress (or King Size in the UK) may be a more practical choice.

Budget and Space Considerations

Budget and bedroom space are the two main considerations when choosing between Super King Size and Queen Size mattresses; Super King Size mattresses are usually more expensive and require more space to accommodate, whereas Queen Size mattresses are more affordable and suited to environments where space is relatively compact.

Through the above analyses, we hope you can have a clearer understanding of the features and suitability of different mattress sizes so that you can make an informed choice. Choose the right mattress and enjoy a great sleeping experience!


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Q1: What exactly is a Super King Size bed in the UK?

A1: A Super King Size bed in the UK refers to a mattress that measures 6 feet in width (approximately 182 centimetres). It's the largest standard size available, offering ample space and comfort, particularly suitable for couples or individuals seeking extra room.

Q2: How does a Super King Size mattress compare to a King Size in terms of dimensions?

A2: A Super King Size mattress is wider than a King Size, measuring 6 feet in width as opposed to the 5 feet width of a King Size mattress. This extra width provides more space, reducing disturbances when sharing the bed.

Q3: What are the main benefits of choosing a Super King Size mattress?

A3: The primary benefit of a Super King Size mattress is its generous space, which offers an expansive sleeping area, reducing disturbances for a better night's sleep. It's ideal for those who value extra room or share their bed.

Q4: Is a Super King Size bed suitable for all bedroom sizes?

A4: A Super King Size bed is best suited for larger bedrooms. It's important to ensure your bedroom has enough space to accommodate it comfortably, allowing for easy movement around the room.

Q5: What should I consider when purchasing a Super King Size mattress?

A5: When buying a Super King Size mattress, consider the size of your bedroom, the mattress's price, its material quality, and the practicality of moving and installing such a large item. Also, factor in the need for appropriately sized bedding.

Q6: What is the biggest bed size available in the UK?

A6: The biggest standard bed size in the UK is the Super King Size. However, some bespoke manufacturers may offer larger sizes, such as 7 or 8 feet wide mattresses, for those seeking even more space.

Q7: How do I know if a Super King Size bed is the right choice for me?

A7: Consider your personal sleeping habits, the size of your bedroom, and your preference for space when sleeping. If you have a spacious bedroom and enjoy having ample room, a Super King Size bed could be a great choice.

Q8: Are Super King Size mattresses more expensive than other sizes?

A8: Generally, Super King Size mattresses are pricier due to their larger size and the increased amount of materials used. However, the investment can be worthwhile for the added comfort and space they provide.

Q9: Can a Super King Size bed fit in a standard-sized bedroom?

A9: It can be challenging to fit a Super King Size bed in a standard-sized bedroom. It's crucial to measure your room beforehand to ensure there's enough space for the bed and additional furniture, with room to move around comfortably.

Q10: How do I choose the right mattress size for my needs?

A10: Consider the size of your bedroom, your budget, your sleeping habits, and whether you share your bed. If you have limited space or budget, a King Size or smaller mattress might be more suitable. For those with larger bedrooms and a preference for more space, a Super King Size is ideal.

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