Do Side Sleepers Need Firm Mattress?

Side Sleepers

Explore the best mattress options for side sleepers in our in-depth guide. Find out if a firm or soft mattress suits you, and learn about the ideal thickness and type for a restful night's sleep.

1. Overview of mattress types

The basic types of mattresses:

Understanding the various types is crucial when choosing the best mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to conform to the body's curves, reduce pressure points, and are suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions, especially for side sleepers.

Another popular choice is the hybrid mattress, which combines the support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comfort of memory foam. This is ideal for side sleepers who need extra support.

Key features of each type of mattress:

Comfort: a good mattress should provide enough comfort for a deep sleep. Gel memory foam mattress is favoured by many hot sleepers for its cool sleeping experience.

Support: For side sleepers, it's important to choose a mattress that supports the spine and reduces pressure. firm mattresses often provide better support, but they shouldn't be too firm to cause discomfort.

Now, let's delve deeper into the pros and cons of firm and soft mattresses and explore how they affect your sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

2. Firm vs. soft mattresses

Advantages and disadvantages of hard mattresses:

Firm mattresses, are often considered good for back and spinal health. They provide stable support and help maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

However, a mattress that is too firm may not be comfortable enough for side sleepers as it doesn't conform well to the curves of the body, which can lead to pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

Advantages and disadvantages of soft mattresses:

Soft mattresses, such as certain types of memory foam mattresses, provide excellent pressure relief for side sleepers. They conform better to the shape of the body and help reduce pressure on the shoulders and hips.

However, mattresses that are too soft may lack adequate support, leading to improper spinal alignment, especially during sleep.

Next, we will analyse the specific needs of side sleepers and discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

3. Analysing the needs of side sleepers

Physical effects of side sleeping:

The alignment of the spine and the distribution of pressure points on the body are two key factors when people sleep on their side. The spine should remain straight to minimise pressure on the back and neck.

The shoulders and hips are the main pressure points for side sleepers. Choosing the right mattress can help distribute pressure in these areas, reducing pain and discomfort.

Common problems faced by side sleepers:

Many side sleepers experience back and shoulder pain, which is often caused by a mattress that does not provide proper support or pressure relief.

Choosing the right mattress thickness and material, such as a memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress, is critical to improving sleep quality.

Side Sleepers

4. Choosing the right mattress

Whether a firm mattress is right for side sleepers:

While a hard mattress provides good support, it may not be comfortable enough for side sleepers. A mattress that is too firm can increase pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Balancing firmness and comfort is key. The right amount of firmness will provide support, while the memory foam layer will provide the necessary comfort.

Types of mattresses for side sleepers:

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers because of their excellent pressure relief properties.

A hybrid mattress, which combines the support of springs with the comfort of foam, is another option for side sleepers.

Now, we'll discuss the ideal thickness of mattresses and provide specific recommendations and considerations when making a purchase.

5. Buying guidelines and recommendations

When looking for the right mattress to meet the needs of a side sleeper, it is vital to choose a product that is high quality and has a specialised design. Here, we particularly recommend the Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress, a mattress that combines comfort and support and is ideal for all sleeping positions, especially side sleepers.

Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress

7 Zone Back Support

Balanced Firmness Mattress: Soothing balance of cushioning and support for couples and diverse body types. Reinforced coils prevent sagging and offer robust edge support.

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Features of the Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress:

  • Ultimate Comfort Mattress: featuring luxurious antimicrobial fabrics, this is an upgraded version of the Utopia range. Provides the ultimate sleeping experience.
  • Four Layers of Advanced Memory Foam: Combined with motion-isolated steel springs, it provides pressure relief and all-round support for all parts of the body.
  • Cool Ortho Mattress: pocket spring design and quilted cover with breathable fabric and gel memory foam ensure high breathability. Keeps your body cool, dry and comfortable all year round.
  • Seven Zone Back Support: Seven zones of individually encased springs provide motion isolation and customised support for each body zone. Edge-to-edge support for all sleeping positions.
  • Balanced firstness mattress: Provides comfortable cushioning and support for couples and people of all sizes. Reinforced springs prevent sinkage and provide strong edge-to-edge support.

Why choose the Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress:

Whether you sleep alone or share a pillow with a partner, this mattress provides ideal support and comfort. Its balanced firmness is suitable for a wide range of body types and sleeping positions, especially for side sleepers.

The Suilong brand stands for quality and trust, offering a 101-night test-sleep experience and an easy unboxing service to ensure you can choose and buy with confidence.

Other considerations when buying:

Consider your budget and the cost-effectiveness of long-term use when choosing the Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress. This mattress may require a higher initial investment, but its durability and high quality guarantee long-term value.

Check out the warranties and return policies offered by Suilong to ensure your purchase is fully protected.

Suilong is committed to sustainability and the environment, and choosing this mattress also means supporting the environment.


Choosing the right mattress is crucial to improving the quality of your sleep, especially for side sleepers, and the Suilong Cloud 30cm Hybrid Mattress offers an ideal choice, combining comfort, support and high quality design. Consider these points and make an informed choice based on your needs.


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Q1: Is a firm mattress better for a side sleeper?

A1: Not necessarily. While a firm mattress offers good support, it might not provide adequate pressure relief for a side sleeper's shoulders and hips. A medium-firm mattress is often a better choice, balancing support with cushioning.

Q2: What mattress does a side sleeper need?

A2: Side sleepers typically need a mattress that combines support with softness to alleviate pressure points. Memory foam or hybrid mattresses are popular choices as they contour to the body's curves and provide both support and comfort.

Q3: How thick should a side sleeper mattress be?

A3: The ideal thickness for a side sleeper's mattress is usually between 25 to 30 centimetres. This thickness allows for enough cushioning for the hips and shoulders while maintaining overall support.

Q4: Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

A4: It depends on personal preference and sleeping style. Side sleepers generally benefit from a softer mattress that conforms to their body, while back or stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress for better spinal alignment.

Q5: Can a mattress affect my sleep quality as a side sleeper?

A5: Absolutely. The right mattress can significantly improve sleep quality for side sleepers. It should provide proper support to maintain spinal alignment and cushioning to relieve pressure on hips and shoulders.

Q6: Are memory foam mattresses suitable for side sleepers?

A6: Yes, memory foam mattresses are often suitable for side sleepers. They contour to the body, providing excellent pressure relief and support, which is beneficial for maintaining proper spine alignment.

Q7: What should I look for in a hybrid mattress if I'm a side sleeper?

A7: Look for a hybrid mattress that offers a combination of supportive coils and soft, conforming top layers like memory foam or latex. This will provide both the necessary support and pressure relief.

Q8: How do I know if my mattress is too firm for side sleeping?

A8: If you wake up with soreness in your shoulders and hips or experience numbness and tingling in your arms, your mattress might be too firm. A mattress that's too firm won't contour to your body properly, leading to discomfort.

Q9: Is a pillow-top mattress a good option for side sleepers?

A9: A pillow-top mattress can be a good option for side sleepers as it adds an extra layer of cushioning, offering relief at pressure points while still providing underlying support.

Q10: Should a side sleeper use a specific type of pillow along with their mattress?

A10: Yes, side sleepers should consider using a thicker pillow to keep their neck aligned with their spine. A contour pillow or one that's adjustable in height can be beneficial to achieve the correct alignment.

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