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Choosing the right mattress size is crucial when looking for the ideal sleep partner. Whether it's a spacious Super King Size Mattress or a Single Mattress for one person, there is a wide range of mattresses on the UK market that cater for different people. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the most popular mattress sizes in the UK to help you make an informed choice. Next, let's reveal the mattress size that have won the hearts and minds of the UK, ensuring you have a comfortable night's sleep every night.

Part 1: An overview of UK mattress sizes

Understanding mattress sizes

In the UK, there's a huge range of mattress sizes from Small Single Mattresses to Super King size mattresses, each with their own specific demographics and usage scenarios. Double Mattresses and King Size Mattresses are the preferred choice for many UK households due to their modest size and comfort.

UK Mattress Size Standards

  • Small single mattress: suitable for children or as a space-saving single bed.
  • Single mattress: standard single bed size, suitable for most single adults.
  • Small Double Mattress: slightly smaller than a standard double bed, suitable for rooms with limited space.
  • Double Mattress: the most popular standard size, suitable for single people looking for extra space or couples.
  • King Size Mattress: offers more space for sleeping and is suitable for couples who need more comfort.
  • Super King Size Mattress: designed for those seeking the ultimate spacious and comfortable sleeping experience.

Understanding these mattress sizes will make it easier for you to decide which size best suits your needs. Next, we'll take an in-depth look at the best-selling mattress sizes on the UK market and the reasons behind them.

Mattress Size

Part 2: The best-selling mattress sizes in the UK

Best-selling mattress sizes

The double mattress is the best-selling mattress on the market in the UK due to its versatility and modest size. It provides ample sleeping space for singles as well as catering for couples. A close second is the king size mattress, which is favoured by many families for its more spacious comfort.

Why these sizes are so popular

The popularity of the twin mattress is due to its affordability and practicality. It provides users with enough space to sleep more freely without taking up too much space in the bedroom.

King size mattresses offer a more spacious sleeping experience, especially for those who like to roll over or need more space, providing unrivalled comfort.

As living standards improve and people demand better quality sleep, super king size mattresses are becoming increasingly popular with those seeking the ultimate in quality of life due to their spaciousness and comfort beyond traditional sizes.

Next, we'll explore how to choose the best mattress size for you, based on your individual needs and room conditions. Read on to find a sleep solution that's customised for you.

Part 3: Choosing the right mattress size for you

Personal Needs Analysis

Choosing the right mattress size starts with considering your personal sleeping habits, whether you share your bed with a partner, and your personal height and preferences. For example, a single sleeper who likes to roll over or needs more space may prefer a double mattress or a king size mattress. For couples, a king-size mattress or super king-size mattress, on the other hand, will provide enough space for both partners to get a good night's sleep.

Room Size Considerations

You also need to consider the size of your bedroom when choosing a mattress. Make sure that after the mattress has been placed, there is still enough room in the room for other activities. Generally, small twin mattresses and double mattresses are suitable for medium-sized bedrooms, while king-sized mattresses and super king-sized mattresses require more space for maximum comfort.

Mattress Size

Part 4: A comprehensive guide to mattress sizes

The best sizes for UK beds

For most UK homes, a double mattress is often seen as the best option due to its balance of space and comfort. However, if your bedroom space allows, opting for a king size mattress or a super king size mattress can result in a more upgraded sleeping experience.

An overview of popular mattress sizes

  • Small single and twin mattresses: ideal for children, teenagers or single adults.
  • Small double mattresses: ideal space-saving solution for single adults or young couples.
  • Twin mattresses: versatility and modest size for most people.
  • King size mattresses and super king size mattresses: spacious sleepers for couples or families seeking the best sleep experience.

Having learnt about the features of these mattress sizes, you can now make a more informed choice based on your needs and preferences. Next, we'll explore mattress size recommendations for specific user groups to help you find the perfect match.

Part 5: Mattress Size Recommendations for Specific User Groups

Mattress Sizes for Couples

For couples, choosing the right mattress size is critical to ensuring a quality night's sleep for both partners. King size mattresses offer enough room to accommodate different sleeping habits and are the preferred choice for many couples. For couples looking for a more luxurious and spacious sleeping experience, a super king size mattress is a more desirable option.

Options for Single and Home Users

Single Users: For single adults, a twin mattress is ideal as it provides enough space for comfort without taking up too much space in the bedroom. For living environments where space is limited, a small double mattress or single mattress may be more appropriate.

Home users: Families with children may want to consider a single mattress or small single mattress that provides enough personal space for each child. For families that receive frequent guests, having one or two small double mattresses can make efficient use of space without sacrificing comfort.

Part 6: Buying Guidelines and Considerations

How to Choose a High-Quality Mattress

When searching for the perfect mattress, quality and comfort should be your primary considerations.Suilong Mattress has a quality option for you - the Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress.This mattress combines the benefits of springs and memory foam to provide excellent This mattress combines the benefits of springs and memory foam to provide excellent support and comfort, ensuring you wake up in the morning without pain or discomfort, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

Recommended Purchase Product Size

We particularly recommend the 5FT UK KING (150 X 200CM) size priced at £259.00 This size of mattress will fit into most bedrooms and will provide you and your partner with plenty of space to sleep.

Product Features

  • Edge support: The Suilong mattress has good edge-to-edge support, with medium tension providing very good support for almost anyone. Thanks to the 3-zone pocket spring system for customised comfort.
  • Soft & anti-allergy knit cover: Made of super soft, breathable fabric interwoven with cotton threads to help protect the mattress from dust mites and other allergens.
  • Motion Isolation: If you turn over a lot at night and don't want to disturb your partner, the Suilong Hybrid mattress is ideal for you.
  • Wave Memory Foam Mattress: The wave-shaped foam layer adapts to your unique body shape and curves, providing you with formal support.
  • Suilong Expertly Designed: The Suilong mattress provides a cool, comfortable night's sleep at a lower cost. This single mattress is compressed, rolled and vacuum encapsulated in a box, and we also offer up to 101 days of at-home trial sleeping to fully acclimatise to your new mattress.
Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress

soft & hypoallergenic knitted cover

motion isolation

Buy Now

Note of caution

Please consider the following points before purchasing the Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress:

  • Budget: make sure this mattress fits your budget.
  • Space: Make sure the 5FT UK KING size mattress fits your bedroom.
  • Trial policy: take advantage of the 101 day at-home trial period we offer to ensure this mattress meets your needs perfectly.
  • Enquire and buy: If you have any questions or would like more information about the Suilong mattress, please feel free to contact us for special offers and buying guides.

Choosing a Suilong Mattress is more than just buying a mattress, it's an investment in a quality sleep lifestyle. Contact us today and let the Suilong 20cm Hybrid Mattress be the start of a great night's sleep.

Choosing the right mattress size is essential for a good night's sleep. Whether you are a single adult, a couple or a family with children, understanding the features and suitability of various mattress sizes can help you make an informed choice. We hope that with this article, you will find the best mattress for you and enjoy every comfortable night.

Now, you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to choose the ideal mattress. Don't forget to consider factors such as personal preference, room size, and budget to ensure that your choice will meet your sleep needs. We wish you good dreams!


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Q1: What's the best-selling bed size in the UK?
A1: The double mattress, measuring 135 x 190 cm, is traditionally the best-selling bed size in the UK due to its versatile nature, fitting well in most average-sized bedrooms and suiting the needs of single adults and couples alike.

Q2: What mattress size sells the most?
A2: Across the board, the double mattress is the most sold mattress size, offering a balance of comfort, space, and practicality for both singles and couples.

Q3: What size is a standard UK mattress?
A3: The standard UK mattress sizes are Single (90 x 190 cm), Double (135 x 190 cm), King (150 x 200 cm), and Super King (180 x 200 cm). Each size caters to different needs and room dimensions.

Q4: What is considered the best bed size in the UK?
A4: The King size bed, measuring 150 x 200 cm, is often considered the best bed size in the UK for its generous sleeping space that accommodates couples comfortably without occupying excessive room space.

Q5: How are mattress sizes ranked by popularity?
A5: Mattress sizes by popularity, from most to least popular, are Double, King, Single, Super King, and Small Double. Popularity varies based on room size, user needs, and personal preferences.

Q6: What size bed do most couples use?
A6: Most couples in the UK opt for a King size bed (150 x 200 cm) as it provides ample space for two people to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other's sleep.

Q7: Is a King size bed big enough for two people?
A7: Yes, a King size bed (150 x 200 cm) is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two adults, offering enough space to move freely without interrupting each other's sleep.

Q8: Can a double mattress fit two adults comfortably?
A8: A double mattress (135 x 190 cm) can fit two adults but offers less personal space compared to larger sizes. It's ideal for couples who prefer closer sleeping quarters or have limited bedroom space.

Q9: What's the difference between a King and a Super King mattress?
A9: The main difference is in dimensions: a King mattress measures 150 x 200 cm, while a Super King mattress is larger, measuring 180 x 200 cm. The Super King offers more space and comfort, especially for couples who prefer extra room.

Q10: Are there special sizes for children or single adults?
A10: Yes, the Single (90 x 190 cm) and Small Single (75 x 190 cm) mattress sizes are ideal for children and single adults, providing ample space for a comfortable sleep without taking up too much room space.

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